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Miami Trades Camarillo to Vikings

The Dolphins get cornerback Benny Sapp in return. Greg Camarillo is a much better alternative than Greg Lewis when it comes to replacing Sidney Rice in three-wide sets for the first half of the year, and he gives you Harvin migraine insurance after Rice returns. Miami really didn't have enough room for both Camarillo and Brian Hartline given their run-first philosophy, and might as well get some cornerback depth for him.

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2 Re: Miami Trades Camarillo to Vikings

Dolphin fan here. Can any Vikes fans give me some insight on Sapp.

Camarillo is/was certainly a fan favorite because he doesn't drop the ball. He also was in jeopardy of getting cut with Marshall, Hartline, and Bess ahead of him on the depth chart and young guys with more upside below him.

3 Re: Miami Trades Camarillo to Vikings

Vikes fan here. Sapp is a solid back-up corner. He filled in well when Winfield got hurt last year. Not flashy but very steady.

6 Re: Miami Trades Camarillo to Vikings

The comments I've seen from Vikings fans so far seem to think that Miami got slightly the better of the deal, presumably because Childress thinks the Vikings are in 'win now' mode. Sapp was better than average depth - better than most 3rd CBs in the league - and a lot of Vikings fans thought he could well develop into a servicable starter.

Probably a fair trade given that the Vikings really need something resembling a competent receiver for when Harvin inevitably misses some games with a migraine.

5 Re: Miami Trades Camarillo to Vikings

Sapp is a decent nickel back option. For the Vikings to trade him, as opposed to a future draft pick, they must have been happy with the guy they drafted, whose name escapes me right now.

If Camarillo now makes the Pro Bowl, they should immediately give the stubbled media whore an ugly yellow blazer, to get him to retire, if nothing else. Or, hell, just let him play while wearing the blazer. Oversized, to fit over the shoulder pads, of course.

8 Re: Miami Trades Camarillo to Vikings

You're thinking of draft pick Chris Cook. He's looked good in camp, making Sapp expendable.

Sapp was sufficient as a nickel, but his temper cost us more than a few yards. i still see that late hit from last year in my head, when the guy was three yards out of bounds already.

I think it's a good swap for the Vikes. Not sure how Miami makes out on this.

13 Re: Miami Trades Camarillo to Vikings

In that case it's probably a good deal for both sides. It appears that Camarillo and Sapp are a couple of lesser known but good, reliable players. Which would explain why in general fans from both teams are a bit mystified by the trade.

7 Re: Miami Trades Camarillo to Vikings

Sapp is a lunatic and a hot-head. Expect two to three penalties a game and a temper tantrum on the sideline. Too bad Joey Porter isn't on the Fins still, they would get along great.

10 Re: Miami Trades Camarillo to Vikings

I think "lunatic" and "hot-head" are a bit over the top (although, God knows, I'm prone to hyperbole). Sapp did have a couple of, um, undisciplined plays last season, generally played pretty well, especially for Winfield late, as noted above. I was surprised that the Vikes think they have that much DB depth after sweating through Karl Paymah at nickel during the Winfield injury.

On the plus side, does this end the Javon Walker silliness?

14 Re: Miami Trades Camarillo to Vikings

As a Patriots fan, I'm glad to see Camarillo out of the division. He's not a world beater, but he alsways seemed to make clutch catches against the Patriots at bad times (good for the Dolphins)...kind of like Jericho Cotchery or Wes Welker when he was a Dolphin.

Don't know anything about Benny Sapp...is he worth a decent #3 WR?

15 Re: Miami Trades Camarillo to Vikings

Andrew, I think you meant the Wisconsin Sabbat. Never thought I would read that, hahahahha!

Year before last Sapp was a decent nickle but undiciplined and prone to make two really boneheaded plays/penalties a game. Last year, he pulled his head out...I still didn't trust him, but, he was servicable replacing Winfield, and only did a few TRULY boneheaded things. I think this trade works well for both teams.

16 Re: Miami Trades Camarillo to Vikings

My impression of Sapp is from his time with KC: decent 3rd (nickel) corner but over-matched if you have to use him as your #2 or starting cb. Short guy who is a liability in goalline D because offenses can match a tall wr on him.

19 Re: Miami Trades Camarillo to Vikings

Ross Tucker's (who I really like, normally) opinion on Greg Camarillo:

"Camarillo is an intelligent player who runs great routes and has deceptive speed."


20 Re: Miami Trades Camarillo to Vikings

Camarillo saved the 2007 Dolphins from going 0-16 by scoring a touchdown from Cleo Lemon against the Ravens.