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Muhsin Muhammad to Retire Today

Man, the hits keep coming for the Carolina Panthers. Muhsin Muhammad will announce his retirement today at a 12:30 press conference. Dwayne Jarrett is now a starting NFL receiver. No, seriously. Hidden fact: Carolina's running game takes a hit here, as Muhammad was still one of the four or five best blocking wide receivers in the game.

(Note: When I first posted this, I forgot that Muhammad was a free agent, so the Panthers had already apparently moved on from him. They still have just two rookies and Dwayne Jarrett available to help Steve Smith. Ugh.)

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1 Re: Muhsin Muhammad to Retire Today


The GM and head coach seem to be on a short leash, the dude can still play. Over 800 yards for last year's Bills with their line and quarterbacks, he'd be a major headache opposite Smith.

2 Re: Muhsin Muhammad to Retire Today

I don't think he'd be the ideal guy with which to try to break-in Matt Moore/Jimmy Clausen. Or co-exist with Steve Smith.

I wonder if Carolina has made a phone call to AJ Smith regarding Vincent Jackson? If SD hadn't just drafted an RB in the first round, they'd be ideal trading partners.

4 Re: Muhsin Muhammad to Retire Today

There goes my all-time best fantasy football player predictions/drafts (2004). Picked him up late, friends mocked it, then I rocked the season (and lost in the playoffs).

5 Re: Muhsin Muhammad to Retire Today

WFT? Dwayne Jarrett has shown significant YOY improvement in every conventional receiving stat. If he continues on his current trend, he'll be a 100 catch, 1,000 yard receiver in like 4 years.