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Raiders Release Ellis, Walker

The Raiders released defensive end Greg Ellis and wide receiver Javon Walker today.

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12 comments, Last at 09 Mar 2010, 6:00pm

2 Re: Raiders Release Ellis, Walker

Al Davis steped up to plate and hit grand slam tonight!
Ellis trieid hard was good at times but ttoo old and hurt.
J walker hrrible player. Good move bringing him in but now proved cant play so tema make gerat move geting rid of him. hopefully denver resign him later this wekek.
Raiders donet need anyway. Have fine recieing corspe now with murphy, schilens, higgins, miller, and some otthers.

10 Re: Raiders Release Ellis, Walker

For the time being, Schilens is the #1 (60% catch percentage), and Higgins the #2 (47% catch percentage). Murphy at least has the positive of making some big plays, even though his catching needs work (37% catch percentage).

DHB has not earned the right to be on the field yet. I don't think he is even a decoy at this point. Why work hard at covering a man with a 24% catch percentage? Just put a fast, but lousy corner on him. Let the reset of the secondary worry about someone who might actually catch the ball.

9 Re: Raiders Release Ellis, Walker

Where are the Atlanta fans complaining that this gets a thread but they don't?

A million bucks a catch. I'm still shaking my head over that. The sad thing is, someone will probably still sign him. He'll never see big money again, but he'll be flotsam at the bottom of someones roster.