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Redskins Acquire John Beck, Release Colt Brennan

With the Ravens in need of a cornerback, they've acquired former Michigan corner Doug Dutch from the Redskins, giving up quarterback John Beck in the process.

With Beck on the roster, the Redskins decided to let go one of their quarterbacks -- Colt Brennan.

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22 comments, Last at 03 Aug 2010, 8:21pm

5 Re: Redskins Acquire John Beck, Release Colt Brennan

Brennan would destroy Chang in any roster battle, barring injury. Having seen both at Hawaii, it's not even close.

I do feel glad that my gut instincts were pretty good watching UH with Brennan: Brennan looked like a good college QB, but his receivers were way underrated. I knew at least one of them would end up as a real NFL receiver, if not more, although I wasn't sure which one because it's hard to tell who's drawing attention with awful WAC camera feeds.

I was amazed when Brennan was drafted and Bess and Grice-Mullen weren't - obviously Bess ended up being the only serious NFL-quality player on the offense.

14 Re: Redskins Acquire John Beck, Release Colt Brennan

I think I'd rather have Beck on my roster than John Beck. A lot of talent and really came through with at least one classic album in Odelay. You could do worse with a second round pick.