Ryan Clady Tears Patellar Tendon Playing Basketball

Broncos left tackle Ryan Clady has apparently torn his patellar tendon while playing basketball. This is, very obviously, a catastrophic injury for the Broncos, who were already undergoing changes across their offense, and the first example of the injury regression that should be expected to come their way in 2010. I'll update this post with more about Clady's injuries and his comparables in a bit.

UPDATE: This is getting interesting. Adam Schefter and Jason LaCanfora are both reporting that Clady will only miss 3-4 months, and should be able to return for training camp.

Something's amiss here. We have a wide variety of players listed with torn patellar tendons in our injury database. I can't find a single player that managed to either recover from a torn patella in the middle of a season in three months time, or a player that suffered a torn patella in the offseason and then recovered to start the season. Not one.

In fact, there's only one player I can find who didn't miss the entire year with their torn patellar tendon. Perhaps the closest comparison to Clady is Seahawks center Robbie Tobeck, who tore his patella tendon in May of 2000. Tobeck went on the Physically Unable to Perform list to start the season, and only managed to play in four games, none as a starter. LeCharles Bentley of the Browns, another center, tore his patella in July of 2006 and was immediately placed on injured reserve. He never played again, although that had much more to do with staph eating his knee than the initial injury.

Every other player I've found with a torn patella went on IR or missed more than six months. In fact, every other instance of a player appearing on the injury list (besides those on injured reserve) with a torn patella is an example of a player being listed with that injury from the previous season. Several players were expected to come back from the injury, were placed on the PUP list or were inactive to start the season, and then ended up on IR -- Germane Crowell in 2001 and Gary Baxter in 2007 are examples. Nate Webster came off of PUP in 2005 but was never healthy enough to make the active roster.

In other words, it's impossible to reconcile history with the idea that Clady's going to be back by August. So either one of three things are true here:

1) Clady doesn't have a torn patellar tendon

2) The Broncos and/or Clady are misinforming people about the expected timeframe of his injury

3) Clady is superhuman and will heal at a rate no NFL player ever has.

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That's awful news for him and the Broncos. At least they can get someone in the draft who can fill in for him. Oh, wait . . . .

Well, I'm sure the Broncos used their premium picks wisely in the draft and can expect lots of contributions from their picks immediately. Oh, wait again . . . .

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I think the worst thing about this is that I read the update saying he'll only miss 3-4 months and thought, "Oh, he'll be back in the middle of the season, then."

But then I realized that 3-4 months from now is closer to the BEGINNING of the season. Sob. It does seem like something is amiss, though, that recovery time seems way too quick.

7 Option 4

Tim Tebow will lay his hands on the knee and pronounced it healed....

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I checked this thread before there were any comments and immediately tried to come up with a Tebow comment. I did not think of something that simple. Congratulations.

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Scary part is that it's not far from the truth:

Tim Tebow will put his hands in the air and pronounce it's a priority and it's healed....

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Well, he can put his hands in the air can't he?

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Cadillac Williams' second patellar tendor tear (which happened in the last game of the '08 season) was a clean, off-the-bone tear which had him performing well by preseason and actually had him running well throughout the entire season. That was about the best case scenario you could hope for with a patellar tendon tear, but that recovery took a lot longer than the 3 months Ryan Clady is projecting here. It just doesn't seem possible to see Clady in camp, or probably even the first couple games of the season.

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Had to translate what a pattelar tendon is, but that is a hard injury.
But you can tear it and uh... rip it. Like just damage it.
So could be anything right.

Anyway, it's an injury to a very good LT. So the broncos won't like it at all.

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I don't know about the returning to camp stuff (since 3-4 months means a return in early August or early September, so how can you be so sure he'll be back for camp?).

But if what they meant is that he'll be immobile for 3-4 months, then rehab, then join the team midway through the season... eh... maybe?

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"Every other player I've found with a torn patella went on IR or missed more than six months."

Schefter and LaCanfora are probably misunderstanding what the Broncos said. If you assume 6 months is the fastest, 6 months puts us at the beginning of November, which is right about 3 months into the season.

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My first response when my brother texted me that Clady had torn a tendon was to ask if McDaniels had stabbed him in the knee to punish him for having the temerity to still be on the team even though he had been drafted by Shanahan. Also to punish him for displaying the lack of foresight to be a franchise-caliber LT on a team that was about to throw away all of his value on a left-handed, alleged QB.

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Week 3-6 looks like a hellride for Denver, especially without Clady. Their schedule is actually quite a bit scarier than San Diego's: I'd much rather draw New England and Cincinnati than the Jets and Ravens!

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Jeesh dude, chill out. Why all the screaming? While I agree that speculating without full information is usually pointless, I will point out that Barnwell did make the comment that this might not be an actual tear. Also, even if YOU are correct, it doesn't change the fact that having your best player rehabbing a significant injury instead of jelling with his linemates and the new QB is not a good thing. It will set back the Broncos' offseason installations even if recovery is FULL in 3-4 months, notwithstanding other equally likely possibilities, such as Clady is slowed, even though playing; Clady never fully recovers; Someone else is injured because he is slowed/not there; Clady reinjures himself or gets another injury due to compensating for the knee; he gets the Bentley MRSA (unlikely, I realize)

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Iz in ur caps lock, makin' you yell.

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I'm well aware it was a partial tear, PowderBlues. If it was a full tear, Clady would be looking at a recovery time of about 12 months, and we wouldn't even be having this discussion. Most tears are partial tears like Clady's, and they still take far longer than three months to recover.

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Gosh, could some kind soul please inform us if it's a partial tear or not? I haven't seen any comments from the peanut gallery indicating that it's not a full tear! And FO hasn't even addressed it yet!

Come on, people!

/end snark

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Kind of a double edged sword here. While you want your guys to stay active and in shape during the offseason, when they do so it raises the possibility of getting hurt. It's great that Clady is doing something in the offseason to stay in shape, but maybe playing basketballisn't the best way to go about it?