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Sergio Kindle Fractures Skull

Sergio Kindle suffered a head injury in a recent fall at his home; Ravens coach John Harbaugh confirmed today that the injury is a fractured skull, which will keep Kindle out of training camp and prevent him from traveling for weeks.

I suspect this makes him a candidate for the PUP list to start the season.

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1 Re: Sergio Kindle Fractures Skull

That Ravens Super Bowl prediction should be considered null and void with this and Ed Reed probably starting on the PUP list, right?

2 Re: Sergio Kindle Fractures Skull

Will Carroll,

Anything to add here? Reading the FO headline, I thought IR for this year, and possible problems later on. Or is this not a "major" fracture?

3 Re: Sergio Kindle Fractures Skull

So I must admit, I'm curious. As a professional athlete, I'll give Kindle the benefit of the doubt that he has above average balance, grace, coordination and athleticism. So then how does he fall down TWO flights of stairs? Not one, but two? You would think he'd stop when he got to the landing?

13 Re: Sergio Kindle Fractures Skull

It crossed my mind that this might be a fellow who has spirited discussions with others about the outcomes of future sporting events, and that some other fellows might have been helping him find his checkbook, when he fell down two flights of stairs.

17 Re: Sergio Kindle Fractures Skull

Still, TWO flights of stairs? They tossed him down one, tromped down after him, stood him up on the landing, and tossed him down the next? This man is a LB, no cupcake. I dunno....

I just find that harder to believe than him being chemically altered--drastically. Even a couple giant thugs, who would have trouble fitting in the stairway at the same time with a 250 lb guy, might have trouble sending him down. He'd surely grab on to something (I'd grab onto them, myself) to slow his descent. Then they'd have to resort to a bit of a beating to get him to let go.... Let's see if there are also broken digits involved.

Or, now that I think about it, a pistol butt across the head could have done the fracture (simpler and more sure), and the stairwell thing was just to provide plausible deniability.

Okay, I'll buy it. It's possible.

Then again, what could he be betting on this time of year--French Open, and doubling down on the up-coming US Open?

20 Re: Sergio Kindle Fractures Skull

Oh, he easily could be just struggling to pay the weekly vig on some losses stemming from, say, a certain basketball tournament that gets some attention around the Ides of March. Or worse yet, he could be the sort of lummox who can make the weekly vig, or even has the ability to pay the debt in full, but thinks that being a NFL draft pick confers the ability to not return phone calls from Sicilian or Russian fellows who intently wish to speak with him regarding past business arrangements. And none of this precludes said lummox being influenced by Mr. Daniels or his friend C. Royal when said Sicilians or Russians did show up for a meeting.

This is a irresponsibly speculative, of course, and normally people in that line or work are reluctant to do things that makes it impossible for the welcher (no offense intended, Welshmen)to make the money being demanded. Occasionally, however, exceptions are made, especially if a hardhead, who thinks he can just say "no", is encountered. A head softening process thus ensues.

21 Re: Sergio Kindle Fractures Skull

I should note that my knowledge of such things was gained purely as a kid with rabbit ears, when I used to caddy at a private golf club which counted a high percentage of the Twin Cities', er, sports investment brokers, as members. Years later, when the movie "Casino" was released, I had a moment of odd recognition when I realized that some of the characters in the movie were talked about, years earlier, by my bosses, as I handed them their putters. There was one Twin Cities guy, since passed away, who got talked about, who had a business conference with some of those Vegas characters, prior to his going on trial for embezzelement. The local papers reported that the trial was delayed due to the unfortunate fellow losing his hand in a boating accident. I kid you not. A boating accident.

22 Re: Sergio Kindle Fractures Skull

If it wasn't a 180 degree turn in the stairs, I could see it. Some turns are even less than 90 degrees. Depending on the size of the landing, a big guy could easily span it and continue on down the next flight stairs.

And someone pistol whipping him would have to hit him HARD. Total guess here, but a fall down stairs would likely generate more force to his head than someone swinging anything short of a baseball bat at him.

23 Re: Sergio Kindle Fractures Skull

I was thinking more along the lines of a sap; I don't care what a tough guy you are, you catch that along side your head, from someone who has used it before, you ain't gettin' back up. Three or even two guys would be plenty, get the slowpay distracted and the guy out of the line of sight puts the lights out.

24 Re: Sergio Kindle Fractures Skull

I would further suggest that once one has fallen - or been helped to fall - down one flight of stairs, one's ability to resist being helped to fall down a second is significantly impaired.

7 Re: Sergio Kindle Fractures Skull

Browns fans everywhere say a silent "There, but for the grace of god, go we."

9 Re: Sergio Kindle Fractures Skull

Kindle was slated to backup Jarret Johnson this year, and maybe do some situational pass rushing. His loss might not be the straw that breaks everything.

It's not just Kindle and Ed Reed. Fabian Washington and Lardarius Webb are recovering from knee surgery: that's 2 of their top 3 corners. Promising young corner Cary Williams is suspended for the first 2 games; he's supposed to be someone the coaches are excited about. Nickel linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo might start on PUP (torn quad).

That's just a tremendous loss of personnel concentrated in the back 7, for the beginning of the season. Add to that the fact that the Ravens schedule is front-loaded. The first 6 weeks include 4 road games: @Jets, @Bengals, @Steelers and @Patriots. BTW, the Pats get their revenge game for last year's playoff debacle (a) at home and (b) coming off their bye. Think they'll be ready?

If Baltimore can limp to the bye week (after game 7) above .500, they could be very nicely positioned for the second half of the season. Their injured defenders should start trickling back. And the schedule gets easier. The only really intimidating opponent is New Orleans, and that game is in Baltimore. Only 4 road games in total, just two against winning teams (Atlanta & Houston). The tougher division opponents are at home.

The Ravens might catch a bit of a break in their first 4 games, with the Jets missing Santonio Holmes and Pittsburgh without Big Ben. So maybe they can crack .500 to open the season, even with their depleted pass defense.

11 Re: Sergio Kindle Fractures Skull

I know Tweets have to be concise, but "Harbaugh fractured skull for kindle" just doesn't read right.

26 Re: Sergio Kindle Fractures Skull

google: sergio kindle narcolepsy

I think we'll be finding more info on this soon.

27 Re: Sergio Kindle Fractures Skull

As a fairly severe narcoleptic myself, I find any tie to narcolepsy to be dubious. Though I do find it VERY interesting that Kindle is narcoleptic, and apparently taking medications for it (and ADD). I'm especially curious to know what medications, since I believe all of them are banned by the NFL, and I was under the impression that the NFL does NOT make exceptions?

Harbaugh was quoted as saying he was staying at a friend's house, took a wrong turn in the dark, and fell down the stairs.