FO Almanac 2010 Now on Sale!

FO Almanac 2010 Now on Sale!
FO Almanac 2010 Now on Sale!
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Wake the neighbors, phone the kids. The PDF version of Football Outsiders Almanac 2010 is now ready for you to read. You can go to the FO store to purchase it. If you bought it early, click on the MY DOWNLOADS button on the left side of the page to re-download and get the file that has the entire 2010 book. Looks like we ended up with 50 more pages of material than last year -- for the same low, low price of $12 for the PDF and $21.95 for the printed copy (which will be available in roughly two weeks).

If you want to discuss the book, head on over to the FOA 2010 discussion board. You will notice that we've already started a thread for the inevitable discovery of typos and small errors, and whatever folks find during the next couple days will be corrected before we send in the manuscript for the published version. Feel free to also ask questions about certain research, projections for various teams, or whatever. We'll try to answer questions either on the board or in mailbag articles.

One important note: It's much easier to answer questions posted either on that discussion board or in an e-mail to Contact Us than it is to answer questions sent to us via Twitter or posted randomly off-topic in discussions of other articles. So please, do one of the first two things, and not one of the latter two things.

We hope everybody enjoys the book this year. Once again, here's a link to where you can buy it.

(Note: For the first hour after this announcement, there was an error where people who had bought the "MEGA-PACKAGE" were getting the College Football Almanac instead of the full Football Outsiders Almanac. That's now fixed.)


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