Fred Jackson Placed on IR

The Bills bandwagon hit another bump today as star running back Fred Jackson has been lost for the season with a fractured fibula. Through Week 11, he had the second-highest rushing DYAR in the league, and had been mentioned on the fringes of the midseason MVP conversation.

Former first-rounder C.J. Spiller will get the lion's share of the carries for the rest of the year.

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2 Re: Fred Jackson Placed on IR

I believe you mean that Spiller will get the Bills' share of the carries. The Lions' share probably belongs to Kevin Smith, though I don't know how anyone could trust him after Jersey Girl.

7 Re: Fred Jackson Placed on IR

Inability to detect sarcasm can be a sign of early dementia. Either that or you're from California. Judging from your screen name I'm guessing it's not the latter, sorry.

5 Re: Fred Jackson Placed on IR

I'm one of the very few people alive who actually liked Jersey Girl, particularly the Will Smith material, though he wasn't really in a position to carry it, being a defensive end, not a running back. Possibly he gets the Saints' share of the sack, which given his eminently employable status as Hollywood's biggest star may explain the lousiness of their pass rush.

9 Re: Fred Jackson Placed on IR

My early season Cam Newton for Matt Schaub/Fred Jackson trade now looks brilliant!