The Gridiron Uniform Database

Here's a new site devoted to the history of NFL uniforms, including a graphic database of uniforms going all the way back to 1933.

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Fisrt! Goign to look at this soon. edit- loosk good. didn't notice any errors in few minuets of looking

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I sweear it. some etam has to use Sasquatches as nickanme and have hairy loking jersey. Regualr jersey ((not glue hair to it) but have 2 colors of simialr color but shaded good so appear hairish. Alm,sot every major animal can trhink of has had been used as sorts team mascot at some point or other except Sasquatches. At elast setatle supersonics used sasquatch mascot at one time but then team go to OK City and sasquatch go away.

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Cookie Gilchrist was not a Bill in either 1960 or 1962. The photo of him against the Patriots seems to have Hall of Famer Nick Buonoconti (85) about to make the tackle. I'd say it's either 1962 or 1963.