Jets Cut Jerricho Cotchery; Might Sign Derrick Mason

The linked article was written before the move actually happened, but now it has happened. Seems like an odd move to me. Cotchery struggled last year with his worst DVOA, -23.1%, but he also had a groin injury and a herniated disc. He's eight years younger than Mason, he has experience playing with the quarterback that Mason does not, and he had a better DVOA than Mason just two short years ago.

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3 Re: Jets Cut Jerricho Cotchery; Will Sign Derrick Mason

A sad day for Jet fans. I've been a big fan of Cotchery's since they stole him in the 4th round in 2004. Always played big against New England - wouldn't shock me to see Bellichick grab him, or San Diego - he was Rivers' #1 receiver in college.

13 Re: Jets Cut Jerricho Cotchery; Might Sign Derrick Mason

According to your new writer Mr. Tuccitto, there is no question that Plax (34-years-old, including a 2 year prison bid) and Mason (37) > Braylon (28) & Cotchery (29).

I wonder what universe he is living in.