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Jets To Release Four

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets are set to release Vernon Gholston, Kris Jenkins, Jason Taylor, and Damien Woody.

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5 Re: Jets To Release Four

Are you being sarcastic or have you seen the player shine in absence. He was given a shot at olb; that didnt work. Then he got back to the defensive line; that didn't work... what, try him out at safety? He was one of the better players to have on madden though... hello raiders.

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Any hope Jenkins can stay healthy? I would think some teams would take a flier on him and offer an incentive laden contract.

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Woody was playing well last year until his injury. If he can recover then he could make some team very happy.

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maybe the packers can pick up jenkins, and have a jenkins-jenkins DLine...

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Nothing surprsing here. They have a bunch of free agents they need to re-sign and these guys are all expendable.

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Jenkins was probably the best nose tackle in the NFL back in 2008. 2 injured years later he gets cut. I'm sure somebody picks him up on a flier, if he stays healthy and is half as good as he was he's a good nfl player. Best of luck to him.

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Pretty sure that's the exact same argument the Jets used when they signed him in the first place.

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Well, it worked for the Jets for 2008.

Problem is that I doubt that he'd be getting more durable as he gets older.

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I doubt that he'd be getting more durable as he gets older.

Why not? Preventing injury is a skill, perhaps he's training for that skill specifically

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I cant help thinkin jenkins will retire.

i see gholston making somebody's camp but getting cut before the season

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NFL network said there's a possibility they'll resign them for lower pay and this was primarily a pay thing, not a talent thing.

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In the case of Woody and Jenkins that very true. I think the Jets will try to resign both, but for less money. The Jets interior defense held up very well without Jenkins, but when he was healthy, he was an absolute beast for the Jets.

Gholston has just been a total disaster. The most depressing comments I saw about him were the Rex Ryan ones about how the Jets really wanted Gholston to get a sack, because he works hard. The weirdest part on Gholston is that his reason for failure didn't exactly line up with why teams were afraid of him. From most accounts, it's not an issue of work ethic or "taking plays off" (even when he was playing). But he just seems unable to make a play.

I'm pretty sure Taylor was due something like $10M if the Jets kept him this year, so he was going to be cut.

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They say you should wait three years (or is it 5?) before judging a draft class, so interesting to look at the top of that 2008 draft now. Jake Long and Matt Ryan were studs from day one, but Chris Long and Darren McFadden really came out of nowhere to become dominant players only this year. Glenn Dorsey I'm less sure about, but the reports I've heard out of Kansas are that he took big strides forward this year. Then Gholston - absolutely nothing.

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Hell, look at Jason Babin. First round pick who washed out of four different teams, before suddenly, at age 30, in his 7th season, he posts 12.5 sacks and goes to the Pro Bowl.

I'm not saying I expect this outcome for Gholston, obviously, but it can't be absolutely 100% ruled out at this stage.

Interestingly, Babin was a SackSEER darling, hitherto one of its big misses. Given Gholston's measurables, and respectable college career, I'm guessing it liked him fairly well too.

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I've heard Bill Parcells espouse a 3 year rule for draft picks, but only in the sense that if a guy doesn't contribute to the team by his 3rd year in the league, he'll be cut.

IIRC, he was referring to lower-round picks (it was in response to a question about "developmental guys" who impress in practice but don't necessarily have an impact on game day) and is only concerning their ability to hold down an NFL job, not when they reach their potential or ceiling.

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What's even more depressing, I believe I saw something on either Yahoo! or Profootballtalk about how if Gholston got just 1 sack, he would have achieved a $9 million bonus. Seriously. I'll look for the link, but I can't believe he didn't motivate himself enough to get that bonus. Just one freaking sack. I'm being completely serious when I say I know at least 5 people who aren't good enough to make a local division III team around here that could probably get one sack in 3 years. Or at least become friends enough with his teammates so they would help him out.

Upadate: http://www.businessinsider.com/vernon-gholston-9-million-sack-2011-3