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Nice Things About the Texans!

I shared some actually-positive stats about the Texans with Steph Stradley, including two places where their players led the league in this past season.

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1 Re: Nice Things About the Texans!

What does the following sentence mean?

"In 2009, the only player who had an above-average performance in these sort of carries was Rex Grossman, and he picked up one conversion on his lone attempt."

How could one person with one attempt be the only person that is "above-average?"

3 Re: Nice Things About the Texans!

at first I thought this had to be some sort of April Fools joke... thanks for contributing to Steph's blog Bill

4 Re: Nice Things About the Texans!

I don't care much for the Texans, but I'll exercise my internet right of diversion by saying that I'm not happy about the muscle dudes on the sidebar ads - where are the hot chickies?? Sorry if it's been mentioned before...