Ravens Place Franchise Tag on Haloti Ngata

And yet another franchise tagging: The Ravens lock up Haloti Ngata.

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Look at all the teams that passed on Ngata in 2006 and you'll see a list of teams that are not doing very well, save the Packers (despite drafting A.J. Hawk), Saints (Reggie Bush) and Jets (D'Brickashaw Ferguson). Even after Ngata was taken at 12, you have to go all the way to 20 (Tamba Hali to the Chiefs) to find a team happy with the player it chose that first round.

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Don't forget the Ravens traded up one spot w/ Cleveland to get Ngata. The Browns tried to be clever, and wrote 2 draft picks on their card: one real one w/ Wembly, and a fake one w/ Ngata. The Ravens saw the fake one and gave up a sixth rd. pick to move up a spot, and the Browns "hoodwinked" the Ravens and got the guy the wanted all along. Nice one.

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I DO think drafting Cutler caused the Broncos problems. It set off a chain of events that led to today's mess.

At the time, I wanted them to sit tight with Jake Plummer/Bradlee Van Pelt at QB, and to draft a running back and a defender with their two 1st round picks. At the time I thought Laurence Maroney was the best RB available, but perhaps Shanahan would have picked DeAngelo Williams. Remember, this was in the prime of the "plug any back in to receive 1,000+ yards rushing" time, and I think Williams could have rushed for 2,000 yards easily.

Also remember, this is a year after the Broncos lost the AFC Championship game. They were a regular playoff contender; this was a strong team. Shanahan unfortunately tied his fate with the Broncos to the arm of Jay Cutler, and that began the saga that ended up with Head Coach Josh McDaniels.

Yes, the team had to make several other bad decisions in between drafting Cutler and the mess of today, but drafting Cutler was the exact moment the Broncos began their decline.

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Shanahan would have definitely drafted Maroney. Shanahan said that he thought Maroney was the best back in the draft- and that included presumptive #1 overall pick Reggie Bush.

Also, no offense intended, but this is a pretty naive PoV. Jake Plummer was TERRIBLE in 2006- sub-70 passer rating, one of the worst YPAs of his career, upside-down TD:INT ratio. Maybe that was because the franchise had drafted Cutler, but I doubt it- NFL players have all dealt with competition before, and if a fresh arm in camp could send a player into the tank like that, he would have long ago washed out like... well, like Bradlee Van Pelt (read "A Few Seconds of Panic" to see just how badly Van Pelt mentally imploded when Cutler came to town). So, if Denver had stuck with Plummer, it's entirely reasonable to conclude that Plummer would have fallen off a cliff by 2008. Drafting Maroney would have been subtraction by addition, meaning the 2008 Broncos offense would have been SUBSTANTIALLY worse than the #2 ranked unit. Since the drafting of Cutler had no impact on the defense, it's also reasonable to conclude that the defense still would have imploded, and without a top-2 offense to hold the team up, the Broncos almost certainly would have finished substantially worse than 8-8. Had Shanahan not drafted Cutler, it would have only hastened his departure from the franchise.

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I think by that point Shanahan had gotten wind of the fact that Plummer didn't intend to stick around for that much longer. Drafting Cutler was the right call, trading him was not.

The Broncos' problem wasn't that they didn't draft enough defenders, it was that they drafted bad defenders when they did. Jarvis Moss?!?!?

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Just to check but are you actually suggesting that the point that the Broncos started to go wrong was the 2006 draft? The same 2006 draft that produced Jay Cutler, Tont Scheffler, Brandon Marshall, Elvis Dulmervil and Chris Kuper.... I wish my team could draft that badly from now until the end of time.

4 There is, though, a

There is, though, a difference between happy with the player and happy with how the team is doing.
3 teams got further or as far as the ravens in seasons after the draft. Cards made the SB, Saints won it, Jets made it to the AFCCG.

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And on the flip side, just because a franchise isn't doing as well as the Ravens doesn't mean the guy they drafted isn't more valuable than Ngata. He's an awesome player, but he's not worth as much as Williams, Ferguson or Cutler.

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He means big worries
For the other team's plays;
'Cause he's our problem-free
Franchise DT
Haloti Ngata!

[Does anyone else sing something like this whenever they see him in a headline?]

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Figured that was probably the case. Which means you've never experienced the magic of hearing Jeremy Irons speak-sing the first few lines of a song before someone who can actually, you know, sing (a gentleman named Jim Cummings, apparently) takes over for the difficult bits. It's not quite Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia, but it's still pretty funny.

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Don't stress over it. I'm American, have seen the movie more than once, and still didn't get it until it was explained to me. I'm used to not getting pop culture references, but usually it's because I didn't care to see whatever schlock hollywood put out. In this case, I actually saw it and still didn't get it.