SITE NEWS: 2010 Game Charting on Sale

Hey there, folks. Normally, we hold off on making the game charting workbooks available until after the book is out, but of course we have no idea when the book is coming out this year. So as of today, 2010 game charting data is now available for purchase in the FO store for $50. 2009 game charting data has been discounted to $40, and you can buy both years together for $75. Game charters who worked at least half the season will be getting an e-mail soon explaining how they can get the data for free.

In addition, player pages now include FO game charting data including hits, hurries, and defensive coverage stats for 2010. (Previously, only the defensive stats from PBP had been updated for 2010.)

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1 Re: SITE NEWS: 2010 Game Charting on Sale

Geez I hadn't even thought that this stupid strike might kill the book...

I guess there isn't much call for innovative statics and intelligent analysis of court rulings....

2 Re: SITE NEWS: 2010 Game Charting on Sale

One thing I am interested in is comparing how many "stacked boxes" running backs faced in 2010. How would I use the game charting to look at that? There's no stat for how many men are in the box, and "pass rush" and "pass blockers" don't jump out at at me as reasonable proxies.

Thanks for any thoughts you care to provide.