SITE NEWS: 2011 KUBIAK Midseason Update Posted (UPDATE)

The 2011 KUBIAK midseason update is now available for download. This update gives new KUBIAK projections for the final 12 games of the season based on current DAVE ratings, injuries, and usage patterns through the first four weeks.

The workbook does not include individual defensive players or kick/punt projections (except team special teams TD).

To get the update, if you bought KUBIAK already in August or September, click MY FO DOWNLOADS in the top left corner of the website and you should be able to simply re-download KUBIAK and get the update.

Please understand that we didn't have as much time to prepare these projections as we do to prepare preseason projections. Receiver totals may be farther off from quarterback totals; some players' numbers may look very different from their numbers so far this season. Projections will of course look a lot different from the preseason based on teams which look much better (Detroit, Buffalo) or worse (Pittsburgh) than predicted.

I apologize, but I simply will not have time to answer any questions about specific projections.

UPDATE: A new version is now posted which fixes the receiving touchdown totals. Sorry about that mistake.


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