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Broncos Deal Tebow to Jets (For Real)

Attention: This is the New York Jets. We are in New York. This is the media capital of the world. We refuse to allow you to pay attention to any other team, especially a team in a little backwater like New Orleans. Do not pay attention to New Orleans. We have traded a fourth-round pick for Tim Tebow. All your Twitter are belong to us. There are no Saints. There is no suspension. There is only Tebow and the Jets.

UPDATE: Mike Klis of the Denver Post now says it is actually a fourth and a sixth.

UPDATE II: Or, maybe this deal doesn't happen. Apparently, there's a snag because the Jets didn't read language in Tebow's contract that would require them to pay an extra $5 million to Tebow in salary advances.

UPDATE III: Adam Schefter just reported Tim Tebow is in fact going to the Jets with a seventh-round pick in exchange for a fourth-round pick and sixth-round pick. Jacksonville wins and Mike Tanenbaum learns a value lesson in reading the fine print. -Tom

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123 Re: Broncos Deal Tebow to Jets

(Players catching up with each other after practice)
Mark: "That was pretty good for a first practice... are you getting the hang of it, Tim?"
Tim: "I love it, love every challenge. I believe I was put here to contribute to this team."
(Door flies open)
"Whoooooow bitches! That's how we do it goddamnit! First practice with shiny new balls, they got rubbed harder than a pair of pirate balls on Tortuga!"
"uh coach, I'd like it if you wouldn't curse, I don't believe it's necessary to convey a message effectively."
"Who the fuck is this guy? Shut up rookie."
"Eh coach, you traded for him, it's Tim Tebow."
"Well fuck you, you need to get your rookie balls on a trip downtown, they look way too sparkling for a 24 year old. When I was your age I'd hook up with girls faster than you can say 'Cobra 50 curls Z drag!"
"Well, sir, with all do respect, but I believe..."
"You better learn that playbook quick. We believe in football around here, we run it down their goddamned throats till it comes out sideways!"
*whispers* "Good lord."
"Shut up Rook, I'm eating"

4 Re: Broncos Deal Tebow to Jets

Sanchez, we believe in you. Here's $20M you haven't earned. Also, here's a backup that's going to play 10x worse than you, making you LOOK like a QB worth that extra $20M. Oh, but he's still going to get your job before our bye week. Thanks for playing!

5 Re: Broncos Deal Tebow to Jets

Brilliant move. What better way to heal the rift between Sanchize and Holmes than to threaten both of them with Tebow?

9 Re: Broncos Deal Tebow to Jets

I was thinking the same thing. I kept hearing rumors that his value was a fourth, a fifth, OR a sixth, not a combination of those. The fact that he got both a fourth and a sixth, wow. Elway is an alchemist, in the Middle Ages sense of the word.

54 Re: Broncos Deal Tebow to Jets

I've heard the thought that DT is ideally more of a possession type, while Wallace would be a true deep threat. I think DT is a pretty good deep threat though - he seems to have more problems with the route technique and hand positioning that you'd need on shorter routes.

68 !

Indeed. Elway has absolutely worked magic. Of course it's very fortunate that a HOF QB in his, hmm, subprime becomes avaiable, but boy Elway has taken advantage!

I mean this is probably the single greatest week for the Broncos franchise since about week 5 of 1999.

83 Re: !

Subprime QB default swaps are always risky.

87 Re: !

While i would agree generally this a bit different. Worst case: Manning disappoints and plays to years of league average football. Even in this scenario the Broncos will still have gotten rid of Tebow.

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In reply to by Danish Denver-Fan

Worst case is not two average years. Worst case is Peyton Manning gets hit hard week one, re-injures his neck & never plays again.

Denver's contingency plan for this is...?

Tebow & Quinn are ex-Broncos. Both would have been reasonable succession plans assuming they can learn behind Manning. I don't think there's much left in free agency. Denver will have to draft a QB & hope they don't need to use him for a year or two.

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Worst case is Peyton Manning gets hit hard week one, re-injures his neck & never plays again.

Same thing could happen to any QB in the NFL.

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A) Even in that case, the Broncos will have gotten rid of Tebow. And Tebow versus whoever ends up backing up Manning is probably a wash in terms of wins.

B) Tebow could also get hurt. Every QB can end a season on IR.

C) In this day and age, unless you are a team that wins with defense and special teams (and the Broncos wont be), I don't care about you plan B. For teams that are not build like the '00 Ravens, if your starter goes down, so does your season.

Honestly when is the last time a team put together a deep playoff run with a backup? Probably Brady and Warner - but was either team really that comfortable with their plan B's going into the season? Garcia with the Eagles is a fair candidate, though.

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In reply to by Danish Denver-Fan

TJ Yates and Tebow last year got as far as Garcia did in 2006.

The 2008 Titans benched an injured Vince Young after Week 1 and went on to the best record in the NFL.

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Even in that worst case scenario, the 2012 Broncos are the 2011 Colts. Then they can get a franchise QB with a top pick in the 2013 draft and develop him free of the media circus that is Tebow.

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You mean after the circus of releasing Peyton Manning.

7 Re: Broncos Deal Tebow to Jets

Interesting. Looks like the Jets will be the first team to have a heated controversy over which QB NOT to play.

72 Re: Broncos Deal Tebow to Jets

But they followed on from a HOFer and before him Plummer would have looked like the messiah to Bears fans. You need more than a couple of seasons of poor Qbing to run in this derby, this is for the big boys of Bizarro-Allpro QB play.

Caleb Hanie.

74 Re: Broncos Deal Tebow to Jets

My first thought was the 2010 Carolina Panthers, because they quite literally seemed like they couldn't decide who was worse between Clausen and Moore. Bonus points because they weren't scrambling to replace a wounded starter, that was the plan.

91 Re: Broncos Deal Tebow to Jets

In 2004 the Bears started the following QBs: Rex Grossman, Jonathan Quinn, Craig Krenzel, Chad Hutchenson.

All 4 of them are so bad they've been replaced with Josh McCown, who is now well past whatever peak he had.

119 Re: Broncos Deal Tebow to Jets

That's nothing.

1999 Saints:

Billy Joe Tolliver
Billy Joe Hobart
Billy Joe Delhomme
Billy Joe Wuerffel

1998 Saints:

Tolliver, Hobart, Kerry Collins (because it's a great idea to bring a recovering alcoholic to New Orleans), and Wuerffel.

Sports talk radio and sports message boards are the killing fields of intellectual discourse.

161 Re: Broncos Deal Tebow to Jets

He stepped back from the center apparently to call a time out. The count was for the first sound and the center hiked the ball which went straight up into the air, the middle linebacker caught it on the way down. (I believe it was technically a fumbled snap but....)