Eugene Amano, Chris Gocong Out for Year

Let the injuries commence. Tennessee Titans center Eugene Amano is done for the year with a torn triceps and will be replaced by either Kevin Matthews or Fernando Velasco. Cleveland Browns linebacker Chris Gocong is done for the year with a torn Achilles and will be replaced by... um... oh dear. Kaluka Maiava has to play for Scott Fujita while Fujita is suspended. The Browns really have no depth at outside linebacker, do they?

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They have Ben Jacobs who is... a football player.
Quinton Spears, an UFA who was let go by the Dolphins.
They drafted 2 linebackers in the 4th and 6th round this year.
Maybe an end can play there till Fujita comes back. They've shown to be very creative with filling the receiver role, so maybe they can be just as creative with the linebacker positions?

Phil Taylor, their 1st round Nose Tackle in 2011 is out for a few months/the season too.

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Johnson was their defensive coordinator. He died right as the preseason was starting. Garret Reid dying has nothing to do with the actual running or structure of the Eagles - that's why I thought you were making a joke. Phrasing it as an "injury to the coaching staff" felt a little whimsical to me about something where being a touch clever felt in poor taste. Also, you are pretty irreverent in your comment, so I made an assumption. No harm, no foul in this case.

I'm not sure how Reid will react - didn't a similar thing happen with Tony Dungy's son? I don't recall it having an effect beyond coalescing the team and the media around him. If anything, I think for once that the media and fans might go easy on Reid for a bit, which probably has its benefits considering the shark tank he's normally forced to wade through.

(And I do apologize if I'm sensitive, but Reid tends to be the butt of a large amount of jokes, so I wouldn't put it past people to make jokes about this...)

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They can just play in nickel all the time since that's what most NFL teams do these days anyway. Of course, after Haden the DB's start falling off a cliff too.

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In news no one cares about, Devin Thomas retired from the Bears a couple days ago at age 26 citing lack of enthusiasm for the game.