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From the Bench to the Booth

Good article here by Jonathan Jones on MMQB. You can instantly move into the broadcast booth if you're a Pro Bowl-quality player such as Jason Witten. But how do lower-level players move into today's diverse media landscape. Jones talks to Geoff Schwartz, Andrew Hawkins, Dan Orlovsky, and others. Some good football analysts here. There's a lot more to being a media personality than just knowing the subject, and there's no reason why great players should be better broadcasters than guys who were average starters or even bench players such as Orlovsky. Just ask Mike Mayock and Matt Bowen.

15 comments, Last at 13 Jun 2018, 1:39pm by rpwong

Here Come the Kickoff Changes

Today at the NFL Spring League Meetings, the league made some changes to kickoffs. They aren't getting rid of them entirely. Click here to see some really good graphics that do an excellent job of explaining what's changing and why.

50 comments, Last at 11 Jun 2018, 9:25am by dbostedo

Peter King Says Farewell to SI's Monday Morning QB

After almost 30 years at Sports Illustrated and founding The MMQB, Peter King is leaving to take a writing/radio/TV role with NBC Sports starting in July.

47 comments, Last at 06 Jul 2018, 9:11pm by Duff Soviet Union

Chuck Knox Passes Away at 86

Longtime NFL head coach Chuck Knox, aka "Ground Chuck" for his love of the running game, passed away today at the age of 86. Knox coached the Rams from 1973-1977 as well as 1992-1994, the Bills from 1978-1982, and the Seahawks from 1983-1991. He was NFL Coach of the Year in 1973, 1980, and 1984, once with each franchise.

46 comments, Last at 29 May 2018, 5:46pm by Will Allen

Falcons Make Matt Ryan NFL's Highest-Paid Player

The Atlanta Falcons have agreed to a contract extension with quarterback Matt Ryan that will make him the highest-paid player in the National Football League.

159 comments, Last at 25 May 2018, 7:26am by Bright Blue Shorts

Jason Witten Retires

As has been rumored for the past week, Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten has retired. He will immediately join the Monday Night Football crew.

13 comments, Last at 07 Jun 2018, 9:29am by Hoodie_Sleeves

What a One-Year-Early Mock Draft Looks Like One Year Later

Kenneth Arthur takes a look back at the 2018 mock drafts that came out last year and finds that sometimes the mockers are right Sometimes, however, they are very, very wrong.

12 comments, Last at 25 May 2018, 7:09pm by Wade8813

Rams Trade Tavon Austin to Cowboys

The Los Angeles Rams have traded gadget player Tavon Austin to the Dallas Cowboys.

16 comments, Last at 03 May 2018, 9:47pm by Mountain Time ---- formerly Ninjalectual

49ers Trade Trent Brown to Patriots

Two of the more questionable picks in the first round make a lot more sense following a trade between the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots.

10 comments, Last at 06 May 2018, 12:10am by LionInAZ

The Best Quarterback Draft Classes in NFL History

The crew at sports/politics site El Dorado have gone through historic NFL yardage data, adjusting for contemporary statistical inflation, in search of the most prolific quarterback draft class in league history.

9 comments, Last at 18 May 2018, 9:47am by JimZipCode