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Chiefs, CB Law Agree to Terms

Between Bengals arrests over the weekend, the Kansas City Chiefs signed cornerback Ty Law to a "five year" deal. What are the odds Law is looking for yet another team next offseason?

28 comments, Last at 25 Jul 2006, 1:27pm by GlennW

Will Reggie Run a Reverse?

Let's say Reggie Bush decides to hold out for the 2006 season. In a just world the Saints would be in a position to draft him next April too.

65 comments, Last at 28 Jul 2006, 7:49pm by JRM

Bengal Arrested

In other news, Dog Bites Man, Sun Rises in East, Pope Practices Catholicism.

15 comments, Last at 24 Jul 2006, 9:24pm by Powles

Browns Sign First-Rounder Wimbley

If we count Mario Williams, that's two down and 30 to go before camps open next week.

7 comments, Last at 27 Jul 2006, 1:50am by Travis

The New Rules

Bill Simmons has some thoughts on how to fix fantasy football.

37 comments, Last at 24 Jul 2006, 2:16pm by Peter

In Case of Emergency, Stick to the Backup Plan

Clark Judge lists his top five veteran backup quarterbacks and miraculously, Jeff Garcia makes the cut. Some former starters who didn't: Joey Harrington, Kyle Boller, Charlie Batch, Tim Rattay and Patrick Ramsey.

18 comments, Last at 27 Jul 2006, 2:27pm by bravehoptoad

Surgery Likely for Rams' Faulk, Could End Career

This is a shame. It looks like Marshall Faulk's playing days could be over, which means we can immediately start the "Is he a first ballot Hall of Famer?" discussions.

29 comments, Last at 23 Jul 2006, 2:59pm by Zac

Welcome Back to the Truths

Ladies and gentlemen, the ravings of a madman.

126 comments, Last at 25 Jul 2006, 1:29pm by Marko

Playing for Fun, and Little Else, on Football's Edge

This is kinda cool. Football Outsiders won't have anything ready for this season, but keep an eye out for our 2007 WPFL KUBIAK fantasy projections and weekly DVOA rankings. And who knows, maybe we'll finally settle the Ashley vs. Bridget quarterback debate. (free registration/bugmenot required)

44 comments, Last at 22 Jul 2006, 3:39pm by Reinhard

Leinart's Path Similar to That of Manning

This is easily the funniest thing I've read today: "Leinart met [Eli] Manning two years ago when the then-junior at USC won the inaugural Manning Award. Eli, brother Peyton and father Archie Manning vote for the award, in addition to national media." Ironically, that year Leinart also won the inaugural Wilson Award which is just voted on by me.

32 comments, Last at 10 Jan 2007, 10:13pm by Jason Mulgrew aka Da Dawg