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ABC, ESPN Name New College Crews

I know, I know, it's college football. But if you were wondering what Paul Maguire was going to do with all his free time, here's the answer: He'll be in the booth with Brad Nessler and Bob Griese for ABC's Saturday night games this fall. Mike Patrick will also work with Todd Blackledge for ESPN's Saturday night broadcasts while Doug Flutie will be in the studio for both networks. All that's missing is Joe Theismann doing sideline reports.

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King's Mailbag: Expansion Overseas?

We usually only have Peter King discussions on Mondays around here, but I thought his weekly mailbag was worth a look for the idea of expanding to 40 NFL teams. What do you think? Should the NFL keep growing, or is 32 teams enough? And if it does expand, should it follow the other sports leagues' lead and go outside the borders of the United States? I do think the NFL will expand beyond 32 teams eventually, but not any time soon. And I'm not convinced that expansion to Mexico or Canada -- let alone Europe -- is a good idea.

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Plummer Accused in Alleged Road-Rage Incident

Just one question: Why is Jake Plummer driving a Honda?

UPDATE: Plummer denies "kicking and then backing up into another motorist's vehicle in an act of road rage," although he does say he accidentally cut another driver off while talking on his cell phone.

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Spread the Word about this Bird

Okay, we like to give Pete Prisco the business, but his latest column is about one of our favorite players around here, Adrian Wilson. An excerpt from PFP 2006:

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Palmer Sounds Off

After reading this you get the impression Carson Palmer will be better, stronger and faster than he was before. And if you didn't pick up on it, he hates the Steelers.

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Take the Kirwan Quiz: No. 1

Okay, it's test time. Pat Kirwan put together this little 20-question True/False quiz and he implores you not to peek. ("... if you cheat when you play golf by yourself, you are probably going to cheat and look at the answer key, so don't do it!") Well, I didn't and I got 11 correct. Next time, I'm cheating.

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This Is Where Offense Is Headed

Pat Kirwan on the rise of the two-TE set, and the advantage it gives to the offense. The Cowboys' selection of Anthony Fasano and the Patriots' selection of David Thomas are both examples of how many teams now want to have not one but two or even three starting-quality tight ends. From PFP 2006, the teams that ran two-TE sets most often in 2005:

WAS 47%
TB 46%
KC 39%
GB 37%
TEN 35%
PIT 32%
DEN 32%
ATL 31%
HOU 31%
NE 31%

The lowest? Cincinnati and the New York Giants.

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MMQB: Seeking Closure

What better way to wile away the hours until training camp than to relive all the questionable calls from Super Bowl XL.

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Reid Says Eagles Will Run More

I'm not sure how the Eagles plan on pulling this off with very little depth at running back after Brian Westbrook.

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Manning: Elder Statesman

Peyton Manning says he only has two more terms in him. And then I'm guessing he'll run for office.

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