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14 Apr 2006, 07:37pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Cowboys Want More Show From T.O.

Let the fun begin! (And yes, this is what we're reduced to discussing when the next most interesting football-related topic is the Rashaun Woods-for-Sammy Davis trade that nobody cares about.)

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14 Apr 2006, 04:58pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Everybody Wants to Play Football

Two stories out today about former college basketball standouts trying to make the transition to the NFL. We've already talked about Jai Lewis, but here's another article from the Washington Post. He has signed with an agent and is cramming two months of pro day preparation into two weeks (who knows, maybe LenDale's hammy will be better by then). And even though he may not get drafted, he's currently listed as a "priority free agent."

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13 Apr 2006, 10:58pm by P. Ryan Wilson

LenDale White Has Torn Hamstring

This explains a lot but I don't think it'll really influence White's draft position. If he was a mid-to-late first round pick with a good hammy, he's probably still a mid-to-late first round pick with a tweaked hammy. It's not like he blew out his knee or has a degenerative hip injury and is facing a grueling recovery with an uncertain future.

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13 Apr 2006, 03:49pm by Michael David Smith

High Schools Ban Fumblerooski

We don't often talk high school football around here, but we don't often have a story this important. The fumblerooski, that wonderful trick play that gives offensive linemen the chance to score, has been banned by the National Federation of State High School Associations. The game just got a little less fun.

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13 Apr 2006, 01:09pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Sean Taylor Trial Delayed Again

From the AP: "The lead prosecutor in the assault case against Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor stepped aside Wednesday after defense lawyers charged that he was using his prominence in the case to promote his moonlighting work as a nightclub disc jockey."

If Sean Taylor's defense team was smart, they'd beg to keep this guy on as lead prosecutor.

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12 Apr 2006, 06:26pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Seymour, Pats Agree to Long-Term Extension

Huh. I thought I heard Adam Schefter say earlier this spring that the Pats were interested in keeping Seymour, but because they re-worked his deal last August, they have to wait at least 12 months before renegotiating a new contract. Guess Schefter was wrong. Or I misunderstood. Or both. Either way, this should make Pats fans happy.

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12 Apr 2006, 11:55am by P. Ryan Wilson

Marinelli is Loud and Clear

After reading this you have to wonder what Stever Mariucci was doing last season. How does one of your wide receivers end up weighing 239 pounds? Rod Marinelli has taken a more serious approach, but yelling and screaming about being on time will only get you so far (like through minicamp). At some point you have to coach 'em up.

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11 Apr 2006, 04:51pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Bush Wants to Wear No. 5 in NFL

I say let Reggie Bush sport No. 5 if he wants. But if he's going to wear a kicker's number, he should also have to wear one of those Mark Mosely facemasks too.

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11 Apr 2006, 08:55am by P. Ryan Wilson

Sources: Leinart Fires Agent Steinberg

No word on why Matt Leinart canned agent Leigh Steinberg, but it looks like he will now hire Vince Young's uncle/middle school teacher/coach to represent him.

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10 Apr 2006, 09:39am by P. Ryan Wilson

MMQB: Prime Position

Peter King thinks the New Orleans Saints are in the catbird's seat with the number two overall pick; doesn't blame Brett Favre for his indecision; and discovers why the Eagles' locker room doesn't smell like, well, a bunch of big, fat, sweaty Eagles.

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