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Palmer Showing Signs of Quick Recovery

Carson Palmer's return for the start of the season is good for several reasons. It obviously improves the Bengals' offense and it also means that Chad Johnson won't have to slap a headlock on either Doug Johnson or Anthony Wright for, shall we say, not being very good.

24 comments, Last at 22 May 2006, 9:50pm by Ilanin

Law’s Asking, but No One's Answering

Does anybody think Ty Law's worth 10 million bucks (well, anybody not named Law or Poston)?

61 comments, Last at 24 Jul 2006, 5:52pm by JRM

Basketball Star Lewis Collides with Reality of NFL

Apparently, Antonio Gates makes playing professional football look a lot easier than it really is. Former George Mason basketball player and current New York Giant Jai Lewis is having a tough transition to the NFL and former UConn forward Ed Nelson has already been released by the St. Louis Rams.

36 comments, Last at 19 May 2006, 8:23pm by Bjorn

Sorting out Sleepers is in Cards for May

Pete Prisco graces us with his third -- THIRD! -- set of Power Rankings since the end of last season. His candidates for Surprise Team of 2006 are the Ravens, Cardinals and Rams, but I'll leave the snarky commentary to you. Some things worth noting, however:

* Prisco has Denver and Seattle ranked 7th and 8th, respectively, behind the Jaguars;

* Arizona is ranked 13th ahead of Washington and San Diego; and

* The Rams, one of Prisco's sleepers, are ranked 19th.

If nothing else, it'll give us something to talk about in the middle of May.

167 comments, Last at 22 May 2006, 9:18pm by cyberprophet

Hollywood Image isn't Leinart

Meet the real Matt Leinart: misunderstood, quiet, and just a regular guy ... who also happens to hang out with Nick Lachey and whats-her-name. I'm quite sure a lot of the media attention was just a function of living in Southern California, and quotes like this from Leinart's dad pretty much say it all: "I don't blame (USC coach) Pete Carroll for any of this, but [Carroll] encourages Hollywood people to come to practice . . . Snoop Dogg and Will Ferrell," Bob said." I don't think [Carroll] saw the repercussions."

Good 'ol Pete Carroll.

16 comments, Last at 17 May 2006, 11:54pm by Ted

Younger Vick Joins Dolphins

Nick Saban signed Marcus Vick yesterday, but if he makes the team it won't be as a quarterback. During the last day of minicamp Vick worked out at wide receiver, and at his size (6-0, 216 pounds) that makes him pretty big for the position. He'll also be used on gadget plays and will get a chance to return punts. (free registration/bugmenot required)

28 comments, Last at 20 May 2006, 9:29pm by cyberprophet

Flutie Calls it a Career

For a guy who stands five-foot-four (five-foot-ten with the feathered hair), Doug Flutie certainly got the most out of his abilities. I'll always remember him for throwing that last second touchdown pass to Gerard Phelan in the Orange Bowl to beat Bernie Kosar and the Miami Hurricanes 22 years ago. Good times. Matt Cassel, you're now a play away.

86 comments, Last at 17 May 2006, 4:00pm by Bjorn

MMQB: No T.O., No Problem

Peter King thinks the Philadelphia Eagles' offense will be just fine without Terrell Owens.

44 comments, Last at 18 May 2006, 2:01pm by lafcadio

Harrington Traded to Dolphins

I'm not exactly sure what changed between draft weekend and today, but the Lions finally traded Joey Harrington to the Dolphins for the same sixth-round pick Miami offered several weeks ago. In the article, Len Pasquarelli writes: "Apparently, adding the provision that can raise the compensation to a fifth-round choice was enough to satisfy Detroit officials." That sounds about right.

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How Far We've Come

God, I feel old. (hat tip: Deadspin.com)

74 comments, Last at 26 May 2006, 1:08pm by Buc