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SITE NEWS: FO Playoff Challenge Results!

So, many people entered our first-ever FO playoff fantasy challenge. I hope everybody enjoyed figuring out the puzzle of how to pick the best team with only one player from each playoff team.

Click here to see your team and your score through the first week.

For discussion and enjoyment, here's a look at which players were chosen for the most and fewest teams:

D.Brees 419
A.Rodgers 413
T.Brady 231
B.Roethlisberger 77
E.Manning 56
M.Stafford 23
T.Tebow 12
A.Dalton 9
A.Smith 6
M.Ryan 6
J.Flacco 6
T.J.Yates 1

R.Rice 595
A.Foster 527
F.Gore 447
W.McGahee 348
M.Turner 232
C.Benson 121
I.Redman 89
A.Bradshaw 53
D.Sproles 34
B.Jacobs 17
R.Grant 12
K.Smith 11
B.Green-Ellis 6
J.Starks 5
B.Tate 3
D.Woodhead 2
P.Thomas 2
S.Ridley 2
C.Ivory 2

C.Johnson 559
V.Cruz 422
A.J.Green 379
M.Wallace 297
R.White 179
J.Nelson 123
A.Brown 101
J.Jones 89
D.Thomas 68
A.Johnson 54
H.Nicks 45
W.Welker 44
E.Decker 35
M.Crabtree 28
M.Colston 24
G.Jennings 22
T.Smith 9
A.Boldin 9
J.Simpson 7
L.Moore 6
M.Manningham 4
D.Driver 2
T.Young 1
K.Walter 1
T.Ginn 1

R.Gronkowski 340
D.Fells 161
V.Davis 145
J.Graham 141
T.Gonzalez 123
J.Gresham 109
H.Miller 62
J.Finley 58
O.Daniels 40
B.Pettigrew 33
J.Ballard 28
A.Hernandez 9
E.Dickson 9


19 comments, Last at 20 Jan 2012, 10:53pm

2 Re: SITE NEWS: FO Playoff Fantasy Challenge Results!

Wow, so I was definitely not alone in my Daniel Fells strategy. TE's generally suck, so you might as well pick one on a bad offensive team that has no chance to advance, right?

I would love to see those lists broken down by NFL team instead of by position; it would make it clear how the crowd perceived teams' offensive balance.

10 Re: SITE NEWS: FO Playoff Fantasy Challenge Results!

I picked Fells because I needed somebody from Denver and I needed a TE. Gronk and Graham are the two obvious choices, but I bet most people had either Brady or Brees, if not both, and therefore couldn't take both of those TE's. I went with Rodgers and Brady, so I could only take Graham, and like you said, TE isn't a high value position, so I figured I'd get it from a team that didn't have anybody else I could use. Honestly, Fells was my last pick.

12 Re: SITE NEWS: FO Playoff Fantasy Challenge Results!

I was happy taking Gronk--I didn't pick Brady as QB because I expected him to face Pittsburgh's and then Baltimore's defenses, whereas there were some soft defenses in the NFC for Brees and Rodgers, even though coming from the same conference they won't both make the SB, but at least Brees gets the extra WC game against a defense that gave up 6 TDs to Flynn.

(I think Davis was my other TE because I honestly didn't want anyone else from SF's offense.)

3 Re: SITE NEWS: FO Playoff Fantasy Challenge Results!

Well my toss up choice between McGahee and Thomas for the Denver spot went the wrong way so far.

Am I the only person to think that a playoff loser league under the same team selection rules might have been fun as well?

4 Re: SITE NEWS: FO Playoff Fantasy Challenge Results!

6 of the top 8 chosen WRs have been eliminated, and 1 was on a bye, and you have to get to number 12 before you get to Welker and number 15 before you get a Saint. I sure as heck wouldn't pick one of the Falcon receivers and a Bronco before I took a chance at someone with Drew Brees as their QB.

7 Re: SITE NEWS: FO Playoff Fantasy Challenge Results!

1) I don't actually remember my team. Brees, Megatron, The Gronk, Frank Gore, and ...?
2) The ratio of good name seems actually higher than Loser League despite about twice as many entries.

"When you absolutely don't know what to do any more, then it's time to panic." - Johann van der Wiel

9 Re: SITE NEWS: FO Playoff Fantasy Challenge Results!

Just out of curiosity, I tried to figure out what the "consensus" team was. Just eyeballing it, it would probably be:





It'd be easy enough to actually look (defining "consensus team" as "team with the highest total number that satisfies the conditions"), but that should be close.

16 Re: SITE NEWS: FO Playoff Fantasy Challenge Results!

Trade Brady for Gronk, Graham for Brees, and Antonio Brown for Mike Wallace (which was a wash,) and there I am. Down to 1 WR who scored 2 points this week.

This is what I have to look forward to:

Match-Up, Player Lost
Rice vs. Foster, guaranteed to lose 1 RB this week
Brady vs. McGahee, guaranteed to lose 1 RB or 1 QB this week
Cruz vs. Rogers, guaranteed to lose 1 RB or 1 QB this week

Best case roster going forward is Rodgers, Brady, Rice, Gore, Graham. QB and RB should be the top point getters, so I guess that is okay. At least Megatron put up some points so the WRs were not a complete loss. Should have taken Nicks over Cruz.

19 Re: SITE NEWS: FO Playoff Fantasy Challenge Results!

"Should have taken Nicks over Cruz."
I feel the same way. Getting only 4 (iirc) out of AJ Green is okay because nobody got many points for Cincy. Getting only a few points out of McGahee is fine with me too. (Although with hindsight, picking Benson/D. Thomas would have been more points than Green/McGahee--but I don't think anyone would have recommended it beforehand.) Whatever happens, I can know that picking Brees & Brady were definitely the right QB's, & Megatron, Vernon Davis, Arian Foster, & Ray Rice were the best choices there also.