KUBIAK and FOA 2012 Available! (UPDATE)

UPDATE July 12: We've now posted a second edition of the PDF to the site which fixes most of the spelling errors and problems on tables. (The recruiting rank was wrong on every college table. Seriously.) Please feel free to re-download. This is the version we'll be submitting for the printed and Kindle version, hopefully those will be available soon.

Wake the neighbors, phone the kids. The PDF version of Football Outsiders Almanac 2012 is now ready for you to read. You can go to the FO store to purchase it for $12.50. The printed version and Kindle version are not yet available. We hope to have those ready in a few days.

Here are two samples from this year's book:

Also now available: the 2012 KUBIAK fantasy football projections spreadsheet, as well as packages that combine KUBIAK and FOA 2012, and the 2011 Game Charting Data, with every play from last season in one big workbook for $50.

If you want to discuss the book, head on over to the FOA 2012 discussion board. You will notice that we've already started a thread for the inevitable discovery of typos and small errors, and whatever folks find during the next couple days will be corrected before we send in the manuscript for the published version. Feel free to also ask questions about certain research, projections for various teams, or whatever. We'll try to answer questions either on the board or in mailbag articles.

One important note: It's much easier to answer questions posted either on that discussion board or in an e-mail to Contact Us than it is to answer questions sent to us via Twitter or posted randomly off-topic in discussions of other articles. So please, do one of the first two things, and not one of the latter two things.

There's also a separate message board for KUBIAK projections. Once again we ask people not to give specific projections, but rather to include more general questions. And if you have a general fantasy football question, not connected to KUBIAK, don't forget our special fantasy football discussion board. We would love to get that baby a little more active.

Now some housecleaning notes:

FOA 2012 introduces our brand-new DVOA v7.0, which is normalized for each season to allow better historical comparisons. The goal was to get all the numbers on the site turned over to the new DVOA v7.0 versions before the book was ready, but weren't able to finish that. So we're going to be gradually updating the numbers on the site to the new DVOA over the next week or two. I will make sure to let readers know as that progresses. If you do happen to be looking at FO stats pages in the next couple weeks, know that anything listed as updated in July 2012 is the new DVOA, and anything from before that is the older version. (The offensive and defensive line pages are not changing.) The Premium DVOA database will also be changing over to DVOA v7.0 in the next couple weeks.

There will be an article sometime in the next few days explaining what is different in the new DVOA v7.0; it's also explained in the Statistical Toolbox of FOA 2012. Then we'll do a couple of articles showing what the historical leaderboards look like now that offensive players from the '90s (especially running backs) are ranked higher.

We'll also have the long-awaited 1991 DVOA and commentary. In fact, I hereby promise to publish that on Monday, July 16. Really. It's coming, Redskins fans. You've waited long enough.

Speaking of FO stats, you may have noticed that the stats on our player pages still have not been updated to include 2011 numbers, and the similarity scores are still listed based on player performance through 2010. We're having some problems with permissions related to our premium database and our recent switchover in technical directors, but we are working to solve the problem as soon as possible. Trust me, I'm more frustrated than anyone else about this.

Last but not least, we always have to go through each year and update the informational pages like "Methods to our Madness" and the glossary and the FAQ. So if that stuff is a bit out of date, don't mind the mess. We'll have it fixed shortly.

Anyway, to wrap up, we hope everybody enjoys the book this year. Once again, here's a link to where you can buy it.


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