SITE NEWS: Welcome New Hires

I'm happy to announce the arrival of three new FO staff members, including a couple of writers you may have been reading already. I'm really excited to bring these guys on.

ANDY BENOIT will be taking over our weekly NFL column Cover-2, mixing scouting with analysis of play design and strategy. He'll also be contributing to Audibles at the Line each week and writing a couple of team chapters for Football Outsiders Almanac 2012. Andy has been writing about the NFL longer than anyone at Football Outsiders except maybe Mike Tanier. (Maybe.) He started writing about the NFL on his own at age 11 and by 2005 -- when he was still a teenager -- his annual NFL preview NFL Touchdown was published nationally by Ballentine. For the last couple seasons, he's been writing regularly for CBS Sportsline and the New York Times Fifth Down blog. He lives in Boise, Idaho. You can follow him on Twitter @Andy_Benoit.

Click here for an example of what you'll be getting in Cover-2 next year.

MATT WALDMAN will be bringing us a new weekly column focusing on scouting college prospects throughout the season and in the months running up to the draft. Many of you know Matt's work on fantasy football for the great site, and his participation in their weekly "The Audible" podcast. You may or may not know that Matt is also a hardcore draftnik who has been producing an annual report on draft prospects called the Rookie Scouting Portfolio since 2006. Matt's new column fulfills two goals, giving us more college football content as well as the regular NFL Draft content many FO readers have long asked for. Matt lives in Athens, Georgia and you can follow him on Twitter @MattWaldman.

Matt also has his own website where he covers prospects, and you can click here to read some examples. He's hard at work finishing up this year's RSP, and you can buy that on his site for $19.95. Once he's all done with RSP in the beginning of April, we'll get up a few columns before we hit the 2012 draft.

I will note for people who were already fans of Andy or Matt that their work will also continue to appear at the other websites mentioned above. Now you just get more of their work, and you get it from us!

Last, but certainly not least if we want to keep our website humming and our code updated, is ERIK STEIRINGER of Grossmont Designs, who will be taking over Elias Holman's job as FO Technical Director. Erik has plenty of experience programming and managing sites, with his largest being the official site for Comic Con. He lives in San Diego.


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Welcome to all!

My favorite episodes of "The Audible" have always been the live episodes because of Matt Waldman's presence, so I'm particularly glad to see him join FO. As someone who doesn't follow college football, it will also be nice to be able to have more information on some of these players before draft time.

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Awesome, these are two good gets for FO. Seems like a FO podcast should be in order at some point.

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About time on the new "technical director". The current, and long standing, condition of your website (spitting SQL errors detailing the structure of your database, unable to post anonymous comments without changing the name field, inability to offer packaged deals for printed and digital copies, etc) is at a minimum embarassing and has likely been hurting your business being that it's essentially your store front.

I look forward to seeing improvement, looking at you Erik.

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Welcomd aboard Amdy, Matt and Erik. Going to bave good foogball discussions in future
.wil l add to twitter follow when go on twitter next

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I'd settle for him using his contacts to let me know if Katsuhiro Otomo will be signing there, or if he's just on panels and whatnot. I've got an Akira #1 that looks real lonely without a signature, lol.

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new tech guy / manager?

can we get a real forum ?
this is 2012 not 1990 ;)

Velvet Sky fan

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I suspect he's mainly referring to the technical problems I've seen or seen reported - in my own experience, I've seen posts return garbled code errors (usually they do post correctly, but still...), the white "middle" fail to extend the length of the discussion, etc.

The layout of the forum is obviously up to FO and I like it and the look in general, but it's hard to deny there are minor ongoing problems.

EDIT: Hey, for example, this very post returned, in a red box at the top of the page:

user warning: Unknown column 'extra' in 'field list' query: SELECT cid, filter, style, status, scan, extra FROM spam_custom WHERE status != 0 ORDER BY weight ASC in /mnt/html/includes/ on line 172.
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Also EDIT: As I forgot to say originally, welcome to the new guys!

"When you absolutely don't know what to do any more, then it's time to panic." - Johann van der Wiel

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I see that error message all the time, and frankly it doesn't bother me because I recognize it doesn't actually affect my post.

The only thing I would ask for is that FO stay far, far away from anything like the system that ESPN uses, or anything like Facebook. No scripts that gobble up bandwidth!

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I happened to stumble on the SB article by Andy on that abortion of a football site (CBS Sportsline) and yes...any website that employs Gregg Doyle is legally considered an "abortion"...anyways...I read it and thought to myself..."if this guy keeps writing intelligent commentary about pre-snap formations and coverage tendencies, CBS will be quite upset."

Well I can assure you gentlemen, that kind of information and insight is most certainly welcome here...welcome and good luck!

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I will reserve my judgment on these acquisition until I see what kind of cap hit the site had to take to bring them over.