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Jaguars Trade OT Eugene Monroe to Ravens

Surprise! This makes two big midseason deals for 2013. The Jaguars, already the worst offense we have ever tracked, just traded away their best player. Does it matter? Well, they can be the worst offense ever without him, can't they? This is all about building the future for them. They essentially drafted Monroe's replacement when they took Luke Joeckel second overall. He'll move over to the left side now. We don't know yet what the compensation is, so whether or not this is a good deal for Jacksonville really depends on what those draft picks are. Meanwhile, the offensive line has been a huge disappointment for the Ravens, and Monroe should be a big upgrade on Bryant McKinnie. Now the Ravens have to deal with Monroe's contract, which ends at the end of this season. (Looking around the Interwebs, it looks like the contract at one point went through 2014, but somehow got changed and now ends this year.)

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1 Re: Jaguars Trade OT Eugene Monroe to Ravens

Adam Schefter's reporting multiple third-day draft picks as compensation. As you said, building for the future. There's a good chance he was going to leave at the end of the year anyway, so get what you can while you have the chance.

2 Re: Jaguars Trade OT Eugene Monroe to Ravens

Hmmm, this sounds strange, it isn't typical for the Ravens to give away draft picks for a one year rental. I guess we'll see if they extend Monroe or what the picks are before it makes sense. But replacing McKinnie with Monroe isn't going to solve all the Ravens offensive woes.

3 Re: Jaguars Trade OT Eugene Monroe to Ravens

RT Michael Oher is also a free agent at the end of the season. Could easily see Ozzie resigning whoever's cheaper...

Also, it's Bryant McKinnie, not McKenzie.


7 Re: Jaguars Trade OT Eugene Monroe to Ravens

The crazy thing is that he spent the first 6-7 years of his career being better than his critics recognized, and then seemed to decide to confirm the worst crap said about him over the past 5 years. He was never awesome, but he was good. A guy who you can plan to have working at left offensive tackle without any help, and do a decent job against all but the very best pass rushers, is valuable, even if he isn't Anthony Munoz.

After that, however, he really seemed to want to become the lazy load so many had accused him of being from the beginning. It seemed to culminate this past fall, when in December he seemed to realize "Hey, a couple months worth of effort can make me some money", and then went out to play well for a short time, and thus get that contract, and then reverted to lazy slugdom as soon as the ink was dry

8 Re: Jaguars Trade OT Eugene Monroe to Ravens

Even with Monroe, the Ravens will be lucky to get a wild card. On the other hand, it doesn't strike me as completely implausible that the compensatory pick they eventually get for him leaving will be worth at least nearly as much as whatever they've given up to get him, so it might not be so bad for them even if it is a short term rental.

14 Re: Jaguars Trade OT Eugene Monroe to Ravens

With Monroe we have a chance of not ruining the seasons of our three highest paid offensive players (Flacco, Rice and Yanda).

Flacco and Rice are obvious.
Yanda's been suffering from the fact that they've been running exclusively to the right lately since McKinnie doesn't even try to run block anymore.
Heck, this might even save the tanking season of Osemele who's suffered from having a bad player on both sides of him.

9 Re: Jaguars Trade OT Eugene Monroe to Ravens

I just feel like this was a poor trade for Jax. Their problem stems from a complete lack of talent. Now they traded away their best player on the team. Again, I realize there was signing issues and the fact that he has a capable replacement, but still...you can't play this game of assuming your next picks will replace his value. Eventually, when you get better(if), you will need that talent to bolster your roster. Think of how the seahawks and 49ers prepared their o lines prior to getting their qbs. Letting go of proven talent is a bad idea even if you are terrible.

19 Re: Jaguars Trade OT Eugene Monroe to Ravens

He's a free agent at the end of the season anyway. It's likely not assuming the picks (which are all third day picks) will replace his value so much as realising that the potential value of the picks next year and beyond is greater than the remaining value of the player on a terrible team for the next three months.

By the time the Jaguars get better, Monroe won't be on the team. The draft picks at least might be.

20 Re: Jaguars Trade OT Eugene Monroe to Ravens

The only way this trade makes sense is if they know that they won't be able to re-sign him at the end of the season - something they most certainly have better information on that than we do. It's not hard to imagine Monroe saying flat-out, "I'm getting the hell away from here when my contract is up".

34 Re: Jaguars Trade OT Eugene Monroe to Ravens

Monroe isn't a great player, see Tanier's scouting report, and keeping him around forces them to play Joekel out of position, and, as with MJD last season, they can probably go 2-14 without him. As demonstrated by Henne looking just as bad as Gabbert (when he's always looked just mediocre before), the problems in Jax are an absolute dearth of skill-position talent, and a shitty interior o-line. You can get starting guards on the third day of the draft, and the Jags will have a hard time evaluating what they have without a volume turnover (both on offense and defense)

18 Re: Jaguars Trade OT Eugene Monroe to Ravens

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21 Re: Jaguars Trade OT Eugene Monroe to Ravens

To make things more interesting, apparently the Cardinals are also sending Levi Brown to the Steelers for a seventh-rounder. Boy, would I rather have Eugene Monroe for multiple third-day picks than Levi Brown for just one. Advantage: Ozzie Newsome, as usual.

23 Re: Jaguars Trade OT Eugene Monroe to Ravens

I just don't get this for the Steelers. It's a short term move. Obviously Brown isn't a long term answer. At 0-4 the Steelers have to play some really good football to reach last year's record. They're very tight under the cap and could use every possible pick next year. For Levi Brown, I just don't get it.

25 Re: Jaguars Trade OT Eugene Monroe to Ravens

A seventh round pick is basically worthless. Levi Brown is a bad starting tackle, but he is fairly decent depth for a team that want to win now before injuries derail Big Ben for good. And he is better than their current "starter", Adams, which will help protect Roethlisberger during this wasted season.

At 0-4, you could argue that they should just start Adams at QB for the rest of the year since that is the only way he will contribute to Ben avoiding injury.

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