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July 27: The Day Everybody Broke Down

I just got home from a week of vacation on Cape Cod, tossed open my Internet browser, and discovered that EVERYONE IS BROKEN NOW.

Baltimore: Dennis Pitta fractured and dislocated hip in practice Saturday, done for season. From a football perspective (not a societal one, of course) I believe the Ravens losing Pitta is as big a blow to their offense as the Patriots losing Hernandez was to their offense. Of course, to begin with, I thought that Hernandez wasn't as big a blow as most people seemed to think.

Philadelphia: Jeremy Maclin torn ACL in practice Saturday, done for year. Eagles claim they will replace him in-house rather than go for an outside free agent (links to video), which sounds fine. They were going to run three tight ends a lot of the time anyway, and they've got some receivers around who are either established (Jason Avant) or underused with potential (Damaris Johnson). How about lining up Shady McCoy at receiver a bit with Bryce Brown at back?

Denver: Dan Koppen torn ACL in practice. Probably happened on Saturday too, I'm not sure. I mean, it happened on the DAY Saturday, not the Jeff Saturday. Speaking of which... Jeff Saturday, telephone call for Jeff Saturday...

Like I said, I just got home, and the little girl needs some grocery shopping done so she has food, so nobody gets a fresh KUBIAK update until tomorrow.

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1 Re: July 27: The Day Everybody Broke Down

The Ravens loss of Pitta seems like a pretty big deal to me. They traded Boldin with the knowledge that Pitta could replace him, but I don't know if anyone can replace Pitta. Dickson has poor hands. Maybe the Harvard rookie TE/HB Juszczyk is good, maybe not. And they have a bunch of developmental WRs on the roster but who knows if any of them will pan out. I know a passing attack consisting of T. Smith and J. Jones at WR would not be good without a solid guy who can attack the middle.

5 Re: July 27: The Day Everybody Broke Down

Oh Jeremy Maclin. This Eagles fan thinks we should have traded him after all...didn't seem like a great fit for Chip Kelly given he doesn't block real well, or offer much of a threat with ball in hand after the catch. Now he'll be a free agent coming off an ACL tear, or the Eagles will have to speculatively extend him - unlikely.

6 Re: July 27: The Day Everybody Broke Down

The Ravens must be feeling deja vu; win the Super Bowl and have a major offensive contributor go out for the season the first day of camp.

What to do? Sign a castoff from Minnesota. Visanthe Shiancoe is now a Raven.

The question is, will VS turn out to be as broken down as Terry Allen was?

8 Re: July 27: The Day Everybody Broke Down

Unlike Mckinnie or Allen, Shiancoe has never been a good player, to say nothing of a great player, like Birk. There wasn't ever much to break down; not a physical blocker, and hideous ball skills, isn't what you generally look for in a tight end. The guy has lasted as long as he has on measurables that don't really translate into winning games.

11 Re: July 27: The Day Everybody Broke Down

Will, that seems like a pretty harsh scouting report for a guy who was 2nd and 3rd in DVOA for TE's in back to back years in 2008 and 2009 (and 2nd in DYAR both years). Surely he must have had some skills at that point in his career, after all he achieved those numbers in 2008 with the immortal QB combo of Jackson and Ferotte.

17 Re: July 27: The Day Everybody Broke Down

The other part of this parallel is that Billick and Newsome were certain they could talk Robert Griffin into coming out of retirement. When the idiosyncratic Buckeye told them no, they had to go to Plan B, which was Allen.

At least there doesn't seem to be that sort of overconfidence this time.

13 Re: July 27: The Day Everybody Broke Down

Catch a ball in traffic? When he was with the Giants, he had trouble catching the ball in practice. It was comical sometimes: there'd be 9-10 guys running simple patterns against no defenders in warm-ups and Shiancoe might have three drops whereas the other 8-9 guys would combine for maybe one.

When the Vikings signed him to that absurd contract (4 years, 17 mill, maybe?) I laughed liked crazy. As it happened, he turned out to be adequate, which was far better than I expected him to do, but he still didn't justify the $ given to him.

16 Re: July 27: The Day Everybody Broke Down

Any Colts or Chiefs out there have an opinion about Ryan Lilja? Bill Williamson has the Broncos trying to lure him out of retirement to mitigate the Koppen hole. I have vague memories of him not being good, but it would not surprise me to find that I formed an opinion about an interior O-lineman from teams I don't follow all that closely based on nothing but conjecture and third-hand nonsense.