UPDATED AGAIN: FOA 2013 (v3) and 2012 Game Charting Now Available!

The PDF version of Football Outsiders Almanac 2013 is now available for download! If you have already bought a copy (probably in some sort of KUBIAK package deal), just go to MY FO DOWNLOADS in the upper right part of the website to download the new file that includes the entire book. If you haven't bought it yet, it's only $12.50. Click here to buy it.

As always, we're expecting there are still a number of typos and errors in the text, and we're looking to correct those as soon as possible to get out a newer, fresher edition of the book. If you find errors, please note them in the "Inevitable Mistake and Typo Thread," which you will find here on the special FOA 2013 Discussion Board.

Also available as of today: Football Outsiders game charting data from 2012. Unfortunately, because of our data-sharing agreement with ESPN Stats & Info, this year's charting data does not include certain categories which were charted by ESPN rather than Football Outsiders. However, to make up for this, we've dropped the price of charting data in half. It was $50 in previous years; for the 2012 data, you only have to pay $25.

We've also lowered the prices on past years of game charting data. Go to the store to find all of that for sale.

UPDATE: As of the morning of July 17, there is a second edition of the book available which fixes numerous typos and adds PDF bookmarks that allow you to go straight to each chapter. If you have already purchased the book, simply go to MY FO DOWNLOADS to re-download the newer version.

UPDATE AGAIN: As of the morning of July 19, there is a third edition of the book available with fixes EVEN MORE of the unavoidable typos. In addition, you can now buy the college football-only edition for $5. And you can buy the printed copy of the book through Createspace for $22.95. It will appear on Amazon early next week.


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