SITE NEWS: FO Cards in Madden 25 Ultimate Team / FO with Keith Olbermann

Two very exciting pieces of news this afternoon.

First, we are proud to announce a partnership with EA Sports to bring special Football Outsiders-branded cards to Madden 25 Ultimate Team! Each week, we will be picking out a handful of players who starred in that week's games based not on conventional "fantasy football" stats but on FO advanced stats. It could be a player with a high DVOA/DYAR in a game; a cornerback with strong coverage stats that week; a defensive players with a lot of hits and hurries or Defeats; or a player to be featured in Film Room or Word of Muth. We'll choose these players in conjunction with the Madden 25 team and announce them every week at the end of the DVOA commentary posted on Tuesday afternoons. Then special FO-branded cards for these players with boosted ratings will be available in Madden Ultimate Team card packs starting Friday afternoon.

To kick off our partnership, we're featuring four cards this weekend tied to Football Outsiders' 10th anniversary and the "22 Years of DVOA" series written by Danny Tuccitto:

QB: Tom Brady, all-time best DYAR in a season (card)
RB: Jerome Bettis, 1722 career DYAR (card)
WR: Michael Irvin, all-time best DYAR in a season (card)
TE: Antonio Gates, all-time best DVOA in a season (card)

Yes, I know, some other players might make more sense than Bettis as the running back choice, but unfortunately those players aren't available in MUT, plus this is the first and so far only Bettis card to be released in Madden 25 MUT. Steelers fans are gonna be loving FO.

The other piece of news: I will be on the new Keith Olbermann show on ESPN2 tonight at 11pm EDT to discuss the new NFL season. Come watch!

UPDATE: Here's video!


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I have no idea what any of that Madden 25 stuff means but sounds awesome. Congrats.

And I hadn't heard KO had a new show (under a rock or just very very busy I don't know). So thanks for the news. Will definitely by checking it out tonight (or dvr-ing it anyway).

2 Re: SITE NEWS: FO Cards in Madden 25 Ultimate Team

Sorry, for those who don't know: Madden Ultimate Team is sort of a mixture of franchise mode and a collectible card game where you buy "cards" and then arrange the best team you can with a mix of current players and all-time legends. It's ridiculously addictive.

3 A request

I'll buy 10 more Almanacs, to give away as gifts, if you do something sufficiently terrible tonight to convince Olbermann to revive the "Worst Person in the NFL" shtick. C'mon, Go Big, or Go Home!

5 Re: SITE NEWS: FO Cards in Madden 25 Ultimate Team

I'm still waiting for you to partner with a simulation game (Action PC Football, for example) to create a game based on your advanced metrics instead of traditional stats. Yes, I've posted about this before, and I will do so again.

11 FO Cards in Madden 25 Ultimate Team / FO with Keith Olbermann

For the love of god, MUT desperately needs more defensive players. You can't swing a dead cat around without hitting half a dozen usable offensive skill guys but I have yet to find a single MLB over 70 overall.

Help me, FO! You're my only hope!

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