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Bills Trade Steve Johnson to 49ers

The 49ers needed another wide receiver so they weren't stuck with someone like Quinton Patton on the field all the time, and the Bills apparently feel that they have too many wide receivers now that they drafted Sammy Watkins, so Steve Johnson is off to the 49ers for a conditional 2015 fourth-round pick which could become a third.

Most similar WR to Steve Johnson 2011-2013 by Football Outsiders sim scores:

Vance Johnson 1988-1990
Reggie Langhorne 1988-1990
Muhsin Muhammad 1999-2001
Dwayne Bowe 2007-2009
Earnest Gray 1982-1984
Kevin Walter 2007-2009
Bert Emmanuel 1996-1998
O.J. McDuffie 1997-1999

Interestingly, Johnson's two-year comps were much better the following season than the three-year comps. To two-year comp to Johnson in 2012-2013 is Cris Carter 1991-1992, who doesn't come out as a three-year comp because he started just five games in 1990, his first year in Minnesota.

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12 Re: Bills Trade Steve Johnson to 49ers

Why is it great for the 49ers to get another possession receiver, with an iffy catch rate? Don't know that he has a ton of upside there or moves the needle significantly for that offense. Probably won't do as well against the Seahawks as he has against the Pats, for example.

16 Re: Bills Trade Steve Johnson to 49ers

Certainly he did not have a guy capable of regularly walking across water and performing other miracles like he does now. He can help the 9ers. He will likely gain 10-ish yards per catch. Having another target may help the other guys get open. From a financial perspective in today's NFL the move seems to make sense. IMO from a football perspective it does not mean the fans should make Super Bowl reservations. To someone relatively indifferent to the 9ers, it is just not that big a story (as if they had nabbed D.Jackson for example...)

23 Re: Bills Trade Steve Johnson to 49ers

He forced Sherman into arguably the worst game of his career. These were the completions Johnson got against him.

4:52-1st 1st-and-10 R.Fitzpatrick pass short right to St.Johnson pushed ob at BUF 46 for 7 yards.
1:24-1st 1st-and-10 R.Fitzpatrick pass short left to St.Johnson to SEA 14 for 17 yards.
1:16-2nd 3rd-and-7 R.Fitzpatrick pass deep left to St.Johnson for 20 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
14:13-3rd 3rd-and-20 R.Fitzpatrick pass deep middle to St.Johnson to BUF 39 for 25 yards.

What I don't understand is why he can play so well against Revis and Sherman but not as well against lesser corners.

2 Re: Bills Trade Steve Johnson to 49ers

What in the hell is going on in Buffalo. I'm not remotely a fan of this team and I am still kind of freaking out about their behavior over the last couple days.

7 Re: Bills Trade Steve Johnson to 49ers

Actually, letting the Browns walk away without Watkins (especially since the two teams are practically division rivals, having played most every year) is looking like a pretty bright move now, and it may be compounded by how the Browns supposedly went into the draft fully aware of the Gordon situation.

4 Re: Bills Trade Steve Johnson to 49ers

I... I don't... the Bills.

The rich get richer I guess.


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5 Re: Bills Trade Steve Johnson to 49ers

I guess the thing that interested me is that it's NEXT years 4th/3rd. Did the 49ers think that 7 picks in the first 4 rounds this year was about right and wouldn't part with one? They're already using this years picks to injured guys who'll be ready for next year...

9 Re: Bills Trade Steve Johnson to 49ers

The Bills had to assume the rest of the cap charge from Johnson's signing bonus upon trading him, and a quick glance at over the cap seems to show that there is no guaranteed money left on his contract. So his SF cap charge this season is an awfully cheap $3.925 mil, then rises to just about $6 mil for 2015 and 16, but again, no dead money if they don't decide he's worth that much. What a good deal for SF all around, maybe it doesn't work out but very little risk. Kind of sucks for Johnson though because he totally lost the protection against getting cut that his prorated bonus money gave him.

Also, with this trade, Stevie Johnson, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Mark Anderson are counting over $20 mil on Buffalo's cap this year.

10 Re: Bills Trade Steve Johnson to 49ers

Add this to the real cost of the Watkins trade: two firsts plus Stevie Johnson. Oh, and the cap hit...

Btw, the Browns must be very happy with this trade as well.

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