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FO Madden Ultimate Team Content for February 28: Most Defeats 2013

This week's FO content in Madden 25 Ultimate Team celebrates some of the top defenders in a stat we call Defeats. Defeats combine three different types of plays:

  • Tackles for a loss
  • Turnovers
  • Tackles, assists, or PDs to prevent a third- or fourth-down conversion

Lavonte David of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers led the NFL with 49 Defeats in 2013, which amazingly is the second-highest total we've ever measured, going back to 1996. David broke the record for linebackers, 45 by Ray Lewis in 1999, and overall trails only J.J. Watt, who blew past the previous record with 56 Defeats in 2012. David's 49 Defeats included:

7 sacks (David gets a full Defeat for two half-sacks)
5 interceptions
3 tackles for loss after receptions
17 tackles for loss on runs
8 tackles to prevent third-down conversion on run (2 were also TFL)
1 tackle to prevent fourth-down conversion on run
8 tackles to prevent third-down conversion after reception
2 PDs to prevent third-down conversion

Thomas Davis of Carolina was second this year with 37 Defeats. Here are the other players with at least 30 Defeats:

NaVorro Bowman, SF, 35
J.J. Watt, HOU, 35
Luke Kuechly, CAR, 34
Alec Ogletree, STL, 34
Robert Quinn, STL, 33
Daryl Smith, BAL, 33
Robert Mathis, IND, 32
Karlos Dansby, ARI, 31
Kevin Burnett, OAK, 30
Stephen Tulloch, DET, 30

T.J. Ward led all safeties with 26 Defeats. Tramon Williams led all cornerbacks with 21.

To celebrate the top players in Defeats, we'll have special elite FO versions of Lavonte David (96 OVR) and Thomas Davis (92 OVR) in Madden 25 Ultimate Team packs this Friday. There will also be a special Buffalo version of London Fletcher (94 OVR) to celebrate his 38 Defeats in 2006, which is tied for the ninth highest total all-time.

If you want to get one of these players early, you can get a special All-Pro Bundle right now in the Madden 25 Store, which comes with a guaranteed Football Outsiders player topper.


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1 Most Defeats 2013

I was surprised that Seattle, the best defense in the league, didn't have anyone among the leaders in Defeats, so I looked it up. K.J. Wright led the team with 20. Earl Thomas had 19, and Richard Sherman had 17 (both among the top 10 at their positions).

2 Re: Most Defeats 2013

In reply to by Vincent Verhei

Are there stats on team defeats? It's not too surprising to me as Seattle is built (and plays) as a cohesive team. i.e. the two big end zone tips this year and there were others not as replay friendly.

3 Re: Most Defeats 2013

There are. DEN was first with 207. SD was last with 138. SEA was 7th. They were also only on the field for 990 plays, sixth-fewest.

All right, this motivated me to look up Defeat rate. SEA defense averaged one Defeat every 5.4 plays, which was ... still seventh-best. CAR was best at 5.0 Plays/Defeat, followed by SL and DEN. JAC was last at 7.3, followed by SD and PIT.

OK, what about Yards Allowed per Defeat? SEA averaged one Defeat for every 23.7 yards allowed, and that was best in the league, followed by CAR and ARI. Worst was SD (42.5), followed by JAC and DAL.

5 Re: Most Defeats 2013

Interesting. Seems like teams were getting one first down in a typical drive, but then Seattle would clamp down and stop them moving.

7 Re: Most Defeats 2013

Check the Drive Stats page -- Seattle was very mediocre in three-and-outs per drive. Which tells me that three-and-outs is interesting, but maybe not the best way to evaluate a defense.

4 Most Defeats 2013

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Rinse and repeat.

6 Re: Most Defeats 2013

In reply to by MilkmanDanimal

You don't have enough *stabs Greg Schiano voodoo doll*. I'm not sure if you can have too many *stabs Greg Schiano voodoo doll*.