Injury Update: Willis, Mebane to IR

Wow, the NFC West just got crushed this weekend. You already knew about Carson Palmer tearing his ACL. This morning, we have reports that the Seahawks have lost defensive tackle Brandon Mebane for the year with a torn hamstring. He's probably the most important player in their front seven. And there are reports that Patrick Willis' turf toe is so bad that the 49ers will be forced to put him on injured reserve. Ugh. The Seahawks have Kevin Williams to plug in for Mebane, but depth is a serious problem on that defensive line. The 49ers might actually be slightly more prepared, as good as Willis is, since NaVorro Bowman should return soon and Chris Borland has played very well so far, plus they have Michael Wilhoite.

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Well this sucks. Plus Ed Werder tweeted today that Bowman has been feeling soreness in his knee after starting to practice cutting during his rehab.

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This season is cursed.