Jets Acquire Percy Harvin From Seahawks

File this under "Huh?", "Really?" and "Stories I Would Not Have Believed Without Jay Glazer's Track Record." Other reporters chiming in to confirm it's real. Glazer indicated it's for a conditional pick, which Ian Rapoport indicates is a mid-rounder.

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Same old story, a team with no chance of making the playoffs dumps talent to acquire draft picks to rebuild for the future.

The Jets giving up Harvin for draft picks makes perfect sense.

what? really? no that can't be right.

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Wow. I have to think there's something going on behind the scenes here. I can't believe the Seahawks would get rid of a player they so recently gave up a lot to get, for something that's a lot less than they gave up, based on his performance alone.

I mean, yes, he hasn't done much this year statswise, but he's apparently healthy and it's not like Seattle's offense has tons of weapons.

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Is this Woody finally deciding to use some of that cap space he's been hording while the Hawks having better things to spend theirs on? Don't know the signing bonus part of the calculation though.

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My mind is blown. I'm not really sure I like this deal from either side. Seattle gets cap relief(assuming most of the bonus has already been paid), but then doesn't he weaken their sb chances?(even if its slight).

And for the jets...You're paying top level money to a receiver whos really not a true receiver and who can't stay healthy.

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I think it does actually make sense for the Jets. The one resource the team has is cap space, so they can easily afford a season of Harvin then decide in the offseason if they want him back. As far as the "not a true receiver" thing, I think that makes him PERFECT for the Jets. Harvin thrives on screens and jet sweeps--plays that ask almost nothing of the QB. An extra playmaker on the field who isn't very reliant on quarterback play is just what the team needed. Plus, adding fake-fly-sweep window dressing to their power runs should create space for their tailbacks. Seems like a good fit for relatively low cost.

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I think the biggest takeaway is what people on this site have been saying for a few weeks already - Harvin can't really seem to run pass routes. If the only way to get him the ball is on jet sweeps and slants/screens, maybe it's better to give those looks to Richardson. And since the Jets will be picking at the top of every round, it's almost equivalent to a pick one round earlier...

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I'm not sure how high the Jets will be picking after this. Their record has more to do with the schedule, and it gets easier from here on out. I'm pretty sure the Raiders, Jags and Skins will be drafting before them. It might end up being a 9 or 10 pick, if the Jets get the "lucky" breaks the rest of the season. This trade might have the side effect of preventing them from drafting Amari Cooper or Jameis Winston.

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He did that mostly with 8-10 defenders in the box primed to keep Adrian Peterson from busting a 40 to 80 yard run. Marshawn Lynch is a terrific player, but he doesn't make the sphincters of defensive coordinators loosen. Percy Harvin has many positive attributes but he's never been consistently great, and he really is quite obviously impossible to get along with. He isn't Randy Moss, in other words, another jackass, but a jackass who just dominated games for many seasons.

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So, I said a lot of stuff on Twitter (cheap plug!) about this, but I think it's time to revisit Doug Baldwin's quotes after the Dallas loss (my emphasis added):

"We have to quit BS-ing ourselves. We've got to be real with ourselves," Baldwin said. "When we get in the meeting room, we've got to actually pay attention to things and not blow smoke up our tails that everything's going to be all right. Things aren't going right. Pay attention to things that we're not doing right and correct them."

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I said a lot about this before the Super Bowl, which mostly boiled down to "Harvin isn't as good as people think he is, and he basically duplicates Baldwin's skill-set with greater upside and less reliability." Of course, he immediately proved me wrong in the short term by playing a great game.

Still, I can't think what's going on here. The Hawks aren't replacing what they gave up for him, and his absence will drastically change the offense. I can only think that some of the off-the-field and locker-room stuff you and others have referenced in your tweets have to play some part in this, because the Hawks aren't that deep at WR after letting Tate walk. At this point, it's Baldwin and a prayer.

I wonder if it's at all relevant that Walters was playing return-man against the Cowboys, one area where Harvin's excelled in the past...

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Can we have a think about the hagiographies from Peter King, Doug Farrar, Andy Benoit etc about a receiver who averages about ten yards per catch? Didn't FO put up an article about how they were going to be nearly impossible to stop a few weeks ago.

I think the battered remnants of the niners will lose on Sunday so I've been a bit gloomy but this has cheered me right up.

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I do not get this from either team's perspective. What do the Jets have to gain from this? A lower draft pick? They're not making the playoffs this year, period. Is this going to save Rex's job? Not now. They needed him at the beginning of the season.
As for Seattle, I thought Harvin was part of their version of the triplets. Then why trade him, and hurt your offense?
The only reasoning I can think of for the Jets brass is that they want to give Geno a better chance to blossom. But trading for a guy who doesn't run routes well (unlike Decker), isn't that great a help.

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The general thought on the Jets is they lack top to bottom talent. If they really got a guy with explosive speed for a mid-round pick... I really can't find fault with that. Are the people around in the mid-rounds of a draft more likely to be up to the talents of the guy they are getting. I don't think so. For Seattle it sounds like a statement locker room move of a guy they think they can win without. IDK seems like a move Seattle didn't need to make.

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I realize Clayton is saying it's a fourth round pick (granted, Percy Harvin is a little better than the Jets fourth round picks from this year), but others are saying it could end up a second. When you factor in the Jets current record, that's a little high. It's almost as if Idzik got locked in a closet and they let Tannenbaum into the room.

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Roger Goodell:...ladies and gentlemen of this supposed sports media, I have one final thing I want you to consider. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Percy Harvin. Percy Harvin is a Wideout from the Seattle Seahawks. But Percy Harvin now plays for the New York Jets. Now think about it; that does not make sense!

Damn it! ... He's using the Percy Harvin defense!

Roger Goodell:
Why would a Seahawk, an 6-foot-tall Wideout, want to play in New York, with a bunch of 2-foot-tall Jets? That does not make sense! But more important, you have to ask yourself: What does this have to do with the League? Nothing. Ladies and gentlemen, it has nothing to do with the League! It does not make sense! Look at me. I'm a lawyer running a pro sports league, and I'm talkin' about Percy Harvin! Does that make sense? Ladies and gentlemen, I am not making any sense! None of this makes sense! And so you have to remember, when you're in that press room deliberatin' and conjugatin' the Emancipation Proclamation, does it make sense? No! Ladies and gentlemen of this supposed sports media, it does not make sense! If Percy Harvin plays for New York, you must give me a pass.

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I guess it was his turn with Russell Wilson's wife. That was presumably the subtext to Baldwin's 'f-ing' around rant. For god's sake someone stand up in the wideouts meeting and take the lead on 'Not screwing Russell Wilson's wife.' (Also, Mr. Kearse, your turn.)

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This is amazing, from a guy who was the Super Bowl MVP last year (Yeah, I know, but remembering that game, didn't you think that was true for a second).

The summary of the season this far for Harvin:

In five games for Seattle this season, Harvin has 22 receptions for 133 yards and no touchdowns. He also has 92 rushing yards on 11 carries.

And the line from the Dallas game: 3 carries for -1. 3 receptions for 0 yds (with a long of 5 yds). (He did have 5 kick returns for 142, so I will give him that).

Now I trust Seattle, because they see him all through training camp and through the season thus far - but Wow, they must have just thought that we are not getting through to this guy and cannot turn him around to play up to his contract - so let's get something for him.

And isn't he likely to produce in New York exactly what Randy Moss produced in Oakland? So the future question is, who picks him up once the Jets cut him (in future years), and can anyone get production out of him again?

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What organization fits the Patriots profile? I doubt it's New England at the moment Harvin gets loose from New York. I'm thinking he goes to the Niners, like CMart in New York, Farve in Minnesota and Revis in New England. Only nowhere near as good. By the way, if Harvin produces like Moss in his first year in Oakland, he'd be the best receiver the Jets have had in a while.

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Is poster drukn? Harvkn not best ever Jets receiver. Bests are Hall o f Famer D. Maynard, g. Sauer and a. Toon., sauer was actuaoly best but retired early and only for short career is reason why not in hall of fame. Also, titans had art powell he later went,tp Raiders. Tremendous receive too.

W. Walker, K. Johnson and W. Chrebet all good,too.,time will tell if Harvin can be better with jets than those 3., Walker first team all pro,1979 if recall correctly off top of head. Johnson gerat 1998, Chrebet never all pro but was dxcellent 3rd down,receiver

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Poster not drunk. Poster wrote that the 2007 Randy Moss would be the Jets best WR ever. As he would the overwhelmingly majority of teams.

Edit: poster maybe was drunk. Original post referred to Moss first year in Oakland, not his first year in New England, which is what I thought I read. Moss's first year in Oakland probably not best Jets receiver ever, but maybe top 5.

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Yup - Moss' 1st year in Oakland was 2005.

Three 100-yd games in the first four games and then only one more in the final week of the season for 60recs 1005yds 8TDs. Admittedly with something like Kerry Collins and Andrew Walter.

How that would make him better than say Don Maynard playing 14 games seasons achieved I don't see ...
1960 - 72/1265/6
1962 - 56/1041/8
1965 - 68/1218/14
1967 - 71/1434/10
1968 - 57/1297/10

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What's strange to me is that, even if it's an okay trade for the Jets, you'd have to think there would be an actual contender out there who would've had much more use for Harvin, and so would've given the Seahawks a better deal.

Anyway, if the Jets are trying to stockpile as many 'fast guys with famous names who aren't actually all that great', they're doing a great job. They've now got Vick, Chris Johnson, and Harvin.

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Basically Harvin has difficulty with keeping his fist out of the faces of his teammates. Apparently this goes back to college, or possibly high school if I'm reading the implications right.


Seattle is my team so I hope this deal is already sewn up. True or not it seems like the bridge has been vaporized into a hot plasma.

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So the Hawks spent $18m and a first on a big (if ultimately extraneous) kickoff return, a few jet sweeps, and a conditional mid-rounder. Been pretty impressed with the job Schneider's done building that team overall, but... uhh... wow.

edit: whoops it was actually a first and a third. ouch.

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Why, I/m beginning to think that this chap Percy Harvin's field production is outstripped by his ability to be a giant gaping orifice.

The Ponderous One stands vindicated!!

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I lived in Tidewater when Harvin was in high school. People are finally understanding that Harvin was a head case even then. The only thing I'm surprised about is that Reggie Mckenzie didn't trade a first round pick for Harvin.

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Apparently the Seahawks approached the Broncos about a straight-across trade Harvin for Julius Thomas... It would seem that the collective intelligence of the Bronco front office is not well thought of in Seattle.