SITE NEWS: 2014 KUBIAK Projections!

The 2014 Football Outsiders KUBIAK fantasy football projection spreadsheet is now officially on sale. I would like to thank everybody for their patience with this year's tardiness. As in past years, our KUBIAK workbook features all of this year's projections including IDP projections, and you can tweak the order based on your league's rules.

This year, we have partnered with our friends at to bring all our readers a very special offer to reduce the cost of the KUBIAK projections. All you have to do is deposit $10 in a new account at, and you will get $20 off your KUBIAK purchase. You can take $20 off of package deals that feature KUBIAK along with FOA 2014, or you'll get KUBIAK on its own absolutely free.

DraftKings is the best place to play quick-hitting fantasy games. All games last just one day, or in the case of football, one week. You play free or paid contests and win real money!

  • Daily leagues - no season-long commitment.
  • Over $200 million guaranteed in prizes to thousands of winners in 2014.
  • DraftKings is based in the USA and is 100% legal.

Essentially, you're getting KUBIAK for only $10, and then on top of that getting $10 in bonus money to play at It's a pretty sweet deal.

Here's how it works:

  • Go to using this link or the link on our FO store pages. Note: It won't work right if you don't use the specific links from Football Outsiders.
  • Open a new account at with a deposit as low as $10.
  • Come on back to Football Outsiders! Please try to wait five minutes so that the server can talk to our server about how nice it was for you to open an account over there.
  • Purchase KUBIAK or a package that includes KUBIAK, entering your e-mail address in the "coupon code" space.
  • Voila! $20 savings!

Our apologies to those of you who have already played at in the past. This offer is only available for those opening new accounts.

With KUBIAK now out, the next step will be the long-awaited release of Football Outsiders Almanac 2014, which we are currently aiming for Wednesday, July 23. If you want to purchase both KUBIAK and FOA 2014, or the MEGA-PACKAGE that includes both of those items plus a year subscription to FO Premium, you can make that purchase now. There will be a filler document if you try to download the book, but we will e-mail you as soon as the PDF is available so you can come back to Football Outsiders and download it.

A few of you have already purchased the 2014 MEGA-PACKAGE because you wanted to make sure you renewed your FO Premium subscription. We want to make this deal available to you also. If you would like a $20 refund on your purchase of the MEGA-PACKAGE, please go ahead and deposit at least $10 at, then e-mail us directly at Contact Us. Once we match your e-mail address with the list of FO readers who have started new accounts at, we'll manually send you a $20 refund through PayPal. Also, if you charted at least half the season last year, you'll be getting an e-mail soon regarding what we're giving you for participation in the game charting project.

Back to the KUBIAK projection spreadsheet itself... I know that many of you, as always, will have questions about why certain projections are higher or lower than conventional wisdom. You can ask these questions either by e-mailing our mailbag or by asking on the official KUBIAK discussion board. However, please do understand that my ability to respond will be very limited until we can finally get the book done. Once that's over, I'll try to respond to everyone's questions.

I also know that we had some suggestions last year of ways to improve the KUBIAK spreadsheet. Because of my personal difficulties, we have been unable to address any of those suggestions. We'll see if we can look into them in August.

Please watch for the KUBIAK update box on the side of the page which will announce each time we upload an updated spreadsheet during the preseason to reflect injuries, cuts, and changes in expected playing time. I will also post an announcement of each update in a special thread on the KUBIAK discussion board.


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