SITE NEWS: Football Outsiders Almanac 2014 PRINT COPY is Now Available!

UPDATE 7/28: The print copy of Football Outsiders Almanac 2014 is now available. It is currently on sale at Createspace for $22.95. It should appear soon at Amazon as well. Please remember that

a) Createspace's shipping estimates are notoriously ridiculous. They do not take that long.

b) For those wondering, we make more money off a PDF sale than a Createspace print copy sale, and more money off a Createspace sale than an Amazon sale.

For those of you who have bought the PDF version (available here!), there is now a third version of the book available for download which includes the Statistical Appendix and fixes numerous errors. If you've bought the book already, you can download the new version absolutely free by going to MY FO DOWNLOADS in the upper left hand corner of the website.

You can also buy the Football Outsiders College Football Almanac 2014, which contains only the college football portions of the book, for just $5.

Apparently, some people are getting their confirmation e-mails reporting their purchase sent to their spam folders, so please make sure to watch for that if you are wondering why you haven't received a confirmation e-mail.

We always have errors in the book, no matter how much copyediting we do, and this year is going to be extra bad because we got such a late start and had such a time crunch. So please let us know about errors in a special thread on the FOA 2014 discussion board so that we can correct those in updated editions of the book.

We don't think there will be a Kindle version. We were going to try to make one happen this year, despite the problems converting tables into Kindle, but we're probably just not going to have the time. I'm going to try in the next few days, but it's very unlikely.

Now that the book is finally available, in the next few days we will be working on getting up all the other 2013 data that has been waiting because the book was so late. That means putting the 2013 game charting on sale as well as updating player stat pages with 2013 numbers and updated similarity scores.


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