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Arian Foster Groin Injury May Require Surgery

Uh-oh, Houston fans. Arian Foster injured his groin at Houston practice last night, and it looks like it's going to require surgery. That will mean going on IR-designated for return, taking Foster out of action for at least eight weeks of the regular season. So who do you want to count on alongside your questionable quarterbacks, Texans: Chris Polk, who can't stay healthy, or Alfred Blue and his league-worst rushing DVOA from last season? Or is there going to be a Chris Johnson or Knowshon Moreno signing here?

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7 comments, Last at 10 Aug 2015, 9:21am

7 Re: Arian Foster Groin Injury May Require Surgery

It was even worse than originally reported. He tore the groin muscle from the bone. Ouch! He reportedly will be put on Injured Reserve with the possibility of returning midseason. I have a difficult time believing he could return that quickly.