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Giants Pull Long-Term Contract Offer for Injured JPP

In case you didn't see it mentioned everywhere else, Jason Pierre-Paul was injured this weekend in a fireworks accident. Information dribbled out slowly, but the original extreme (and apparently false) reports of "he blew off his fingers and will never play again" eventually settled into a general feeling of "he has very severe burns, possibly some nerve damage in fingers, and is likely to miss the start of the season." I think what's interesting here, past the actual injury itself, is JPP's contract status. The Giants gave him the franchise tag and were trying to get him to sign a long-term deal. JPP didn't think the long-term deal was enough money. Now that deal isn't there at all. So, does JPP play this year for the franchise tag at $14.8 million without the long-term security that comes with a signing bonus? Or do the Giants put him on the NFI list so he neither plays nor gets paid this season? Obviously, the decision depends in part on how bad the injury is; the Giants may know at this point, but the public still doesn't.

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10 Re: Giants Pull Long-Term Contract Offer for Injured JPP

I live in Minnesota where they're banned, but they're legal in Wisconsin (which is right next to the Twin Cities). So, of course, people stream over there to buy crazy things. We were sitting in our front yard 4-5 years ago watching my neighbors shoot off their fireworks, and the people who live across the street and four houses down set one off, and when it exploded you could--and I am not exaggerating--feel the overpressure on your face as the shock wave moved outwards. It was freaking insane.

Five minutes later (and I had nothing to do with it) the police showed up, and they never launched another firework.

Listen, JPP, I realize you think you're immortal as a professional athlete and all, but you need hands to do your job. Maybe "Hey, this thing explodes, maybe I shouldn't be holding it" would be a good place to start your thought process.

13 Re: Giants Pull Long-Term Contract Offer for Injured JPP

I don't think there's anything wrong with setting off a couple jumping jacks from your front porch. As long as (1) the manufacturer has decent QA and (2) the operator follows some very basic safety protocols, they're perfectly safe.

It's generally when you combine (a) alcohol and (b) a desire to show off bigger and bigger explosions with shorter and shorter fuses, that trouble arises.

Of course, that also assumes that people understand implicit rules like "do not under any circumstances light fireworks while you're surrounded by hundreds of acres of dry brush and tinder because of a drought that's been on the news for, literally, years", or "do not set off a mortar meant to be seen from half-mile away while clenching it between your butt cheeks, but if you do, at least try and remember which way it's shooting from". Which is not always the case.

14 Re: Giants Pull Long-Term Contract Offer for Injured JPP

I live in what is a very dry part of the country in normal times, about a tenth of mile from the edge of a national forest. A couple years ago, we were having a particularly nasty dry summer, meaning from January through June we had less than about a half inch of rain. Some damned fool idiots, grown men, some in their thirties, who belong to a model rocket club, decide to practice their hobby in an open area in said national forest, about a 1/4 mile from my house. Because operating rocket motors don't get kinda' hot, or something. If the winds had been blowing the opposite direction from what it was, I probably would have lost my house. As it was, my kids stood on the upstairs balcony and watched the fire race up the mountainside, as tanker planes swooped down, dropping retardant. Better than a Transformers movie!

The Force of Evil is absolute piker, compared to The Power of Stupid.

3 Re: Giants Pull Long-Term Contract Offer for Injured JPP

I live in the Bucktown area of Chicago. I had to call 911 twice because not one but two of my neighbors decided that shooting professional grade fireworks off roof top decks was a good idea. Neither was using a legit canon, so the monstrosities were igniting about 20 feet above tree level in an area averaging over 13K people per square mile. The risk to person and property was huge, enough that Chicago police actually responded rather than dealing with gang violence elsewhere in the city.

I abhor fireworks and have no sympathy for those injured while interacting with them.

35 Re: Giants Pull Long-Term Contract Offer for Injured JPP

Oh yeah it's yuppie central and it was yuppies too stupid to understand the risk to their own property doing the shooting. If they wanted loud bangs they should have went 10 blocks west.

It was truly astonishing watching my neighbors on their deck clapping as I scrambled to call the cops. Do they not have any concept that the large wooden deck on their $500K condo is extremely flammable? Fucking maroons.

9 Re: Giants Pull Long-Term Contract Offer for Injured JPP

The reason that the Giants and JPP couldn't agree on a contract is because he isn't the quality of player that should have been tagged. If he was then the Giants would not have been offering him a $12 million per year deal when the tag is $14.8 million.

They didn't want to allow him to hit the free agent market but don't want to pay him the amount that would get from a long term deal after setting the floor of such a deal with the tag.

The player will get well paid in such circumstances but also has to assume all of the risk. However, if you are on a tag with little guaranteed money then you probably shouldn't be silly enough to actually be playing with fire(works).

15 Re: Giants Pull Long-Term Contract Offer for Injured JPP

Reports are today C.J. Wilson, a Bucs CB even I couldn't remember (one of the endless series of bottom-feeder CBs they cycle through every year) had a fireworks accident serious enough he lost two fingers.

Seriously, people, do not hold on to things that explode. It's not that hard of a concept.

21 Re: Giants Pull Long-Term Contract Offer for Injured JPP

The Netherlands have a long tradition of setting off consumer fireworks at new year. 574 who went to the first aid last year, on a population of about 17M. Most of the accidents happen with illegal fireworks.
Every year some accidents happen and most of them fall into 1 of 2 categories: 1: idiots who stunt with their fireworks, or 2: bystanders who get fireworks (accidentally) shot at them.

Fireworks are quite safe; the problem is the idiots who mishandle them.

26 Re: Giants Pull Long-Term Contract Offer for Injured JPP

If fireworks had some other purpose than satisfying the desire some humans have for being delighted by "THING GOES BOOM!!!YAAAY!!!", then I'd be more charitable about the people who have them. I'm not wild about state-level bans on them, because I'm not wild about state level bans on nearly anything, but I do think that, on average, people who use fireworks, for reasons other than profit, or, at the highest professional levels, purposes of artistic expression, are folks who I'd rather not engage with.

36 Re: Giants Pull Long-Term Contract Offer for Injured JPP

I couldn't agree with this more, which makes it so strange that so few I engage with seem to share my feelings.

I love a professional fireworks show, but Joe Jackoff shooting an explosive wit the firepower greater than a RPG in a residential neighborhood is not my thing. Neither are the jerk offs who shoot bottle rockets in my alley. Again, if you want to see something go bang, go watch a gun range (or the west side of Chicago).

Here's my guess as to the reactions of those around me who like fireworks:


45 Re: Giants Pull Long-Term Contract Offer for Injured JPP

Didn't say that at all. I said the only purpose of thing was to make a loud noise, and thus delight some brains. This is entirely accurate, with the caveat that it also causes bright flashes of light. I find little pleasure in loud noises and bright flashes of light, except when it is done very, very, very, very, well. It's the same reason I love listening to a great electric guitarist, but really dislike listening to the electric guitar played by people with no exceptional talent for doing do. Toss in that setting off run of the mill fireworks, by people without exceptional talent, causes, injuries, fires, and scares my dog, without providing me with anything which interests me, I'd just rather not engage with people like that. It's OK. I well understand that people may well wish to avoid me, for a great variety of reasons. I wish them success in their endeavor.

19 Right index finger removed

Adam Schefter and others are reporting that JPP had his right index finger amputated. Schefter included a pic of JPP's medical chart, so that's pretty ironclad (as well as skeevy+illegal to release). Defensive linemen seem to use their hands more for striking than for grabbing, so I have no idea how much losing an index finger affects a DE's ability.

Can you imagine, having to go through life without the most important finger on your dominant hand because you decided to play with explosives. What an idiot.

20 Re: Right index finger removed

Well, the thumb is technically a finger, and far more important than any of the other four...

As for ESPN participating in the publication of medical records, they're really reaching a new low there. Who's driving that clown car these days? Somebody committed a crime in order for them to publish that picture. Shouldn't somebody at the network have cared about that?

It's one thing to publish classified information to reveal abuses of government power. ESPN has no similar moral ground to stand on. Laws against releasing medical records exist for good reasons.

And let me guess: Adam Schefter and ESPN are going to claim "confidentiality" as his reason for not revealing his source, a source who is himself violating confidentiality laws.

22 Re: Right index finger removed

The fault is at the person who released the medical info. Which is illegal (HIPPA, 10 years in prison...) if it wasn't JPP himself by the way.

As for protecting someone who practiced illegally; they are asking people to break the law? And not as a wistle-blower that is? Wow.
Whadda moron.

Adam Schefter has gone on my shitlist and I hope FO will do the same and treat him like the fart that he is.

24 Re: Right index finger removed

There's definitely a non-zero chance that JPP's camp is behind the leak and hoping to use the news to scare the Giants into pulling the franchise tag. I think he's in for a big disappointment if the Giants do end up letting him hit free agency; teams are not exactly going to be lining up to throw $14M+ at an inconsistent, injury prone DE who just blew a chunk of his hand off. Plus, this is a lousy time of year to be trying to sign as a free agent, since most teams have already spent their spare cash and filled out their needs in free agency and the draft. He seems to consider the franchise $14.8M to be the starting point for negotiations. Only ten teams have more than $12M in cap space to work with (per OTC of course). Four of those ten teams are 3-4 defenses (assuming Raiders and Falcons are 4-3 under their new coaches), which wouldn't really have a spot for him. So once he's thoroughly burned the bridge with the Giants, he would hit a market with only six potential landing spots. I don't think that would be any better than negotiating with the Giants, especially since I think JPP actually has some leverage considering the Giants don't want to pay him the whole tag this year.

28 Re: Right index finger removed

Why would JPP leak his own medical record instead of simply showing the finger or getting somebody on the phone?

You think Adam Schefter wouldn't take JPP's word that his finger had been amputated? Seriously, who would lie about such a thing? "Whoops - my bad, seems that I still have 10 fingers."

The amputation does not help JPP in any negotiations. You are simultaneously arguing that his camp leaked the information and that he would be in for a disappointment if he were released. Do you really think JPP wants to hit the free agent market with nine fingers?

The Giants aren't going to touch this situation until he clears a physical and proves he can play NFL football. No team would.

29 Re: Right index finger removed

He's made a lot of noise about wanting to escape the tag (after all, he still hasn't signed it), and the fact that he wouldn't let the Giants see him in the hospital seemed calculated to piss them off. I think he might still believe he commands a lot on the free agent market, when in reality even before this he wasn't worth as much as he thought. It seems fairly unlikely to me that hospital staff would leak this, as they all know that they would be immediately fired if they were caught, so that would leave someone in his camp. We probably won't ever know for certain, but at this point we can't rule out that JPP was doing the stupidest possible thing.

25 Re: Right index finger removed

Just a note on the term "amputated" as used in the report: It is my understanding that any injury which results in a piece of flesh being severed from the finger is an amputation, even if it is a tiny piece. JPP may have suffered an "amputation" but that doesn't mean he lost a joint necessarily, it could be a relatively minor injury.

30 Re: Right index finger removed

Why people pay to handle explosives, as opposed to demanding that they be paid to handle them, is one of those things I will never understand.

(edit) You also can't tell me that the complete loss of the index finger, and a more narrow palm, won't have significant effect on his production. You do have to grab hard and hold on to people, who don't want to be held, when playing that position. Do we know if it is on his dominant hand? I could see it either way; some guys would use the dominant hand to light the fuse, others to hold the explosive, others (even more stupidly, in my view) would light with the dominant, and then take the time to switch hands. Ugh.

31 Re: Right index finger removed

I found a picture of him signing autographs with the pen in his right hand, so it was in fact his dominant hand.

In addition to the grip issues, I think the smaller hand will also hurt him in his ability to hit people with that hand; DE's often use their hands as clubs to smack an OT's hands off of them. Losing part of his hand means a lighter club to swing; there's a reason they measure guys' hands at the combine. The slap move is usually initiated by the outside hand, which would be the right for a RDE.

32 Re: Right index finger removed

I'd guess JPP is not going to sign the tender until he can pass the physical. I have no idea how long that will be. At that time, unless the recovery has been miraculous, I'd say the Giants will try to place him on the non-football injury list, in order to avoid paying him. If he looks like he is going to be a functional player at some point this season, or by next February, they'll offer him a 1 year prove it deal for 2016, well below the franchise tag. Who knows? Maybe the market for edge rushers will be so tight that somebody will take a chance on a nine fingered fellow with poor discipline in ordnance handling, and offer a lot more than the Giants will.

33 Re: Right index finger removed

The tiny silver lining is that this does seem to be a surgery patients recover from fairly quickly. Based on what I can find online, it seems that people generally recover much of their hand strength within 90 days, though sources fail to discuss how long one should wait before mauling an offensive tackle with the affected hand. I'd guess maybe after 90 days he could play with some extra protection on the hand, in which case he'd spend about 4 regular season games on the non-football injured list.

34 Re: Right index finger removed

180 days from now put us in, what, week 14? It seems to me that the Giants will be fortunate to not pay him for nearly the entire season, and then get a two or three game window to look at him, hopefully while their playoff hopes are still alive.

(edit) Eh, I read you wrong. I'd guess he's out at least 100 days, maybe 120, but who knows? I don't think he wants to be any piles with his affected hand in the facemask of present day Conrad Doblers or Bill Romanowskis. As harsh as it may sound, I don't think any quarter will be given, and the rhetoric which accompanies the extracurriculars will be, er, graphic and inventive.

38 Re: Right index finger removed

So what are we guessing the Uhaul worth of fireworks costs JPP? $40 MM? $20MM now with more later? $10MM? In any case, it's an astronomical amount.

Athletes who drive drunk are in a similar boat. When your body is worth over two commas (silicon valley ref), have someone else do the dirty work for you. You are far too valuable to risk on pretty much anything.

41 Re: Right index finger removed

From the internets "loss of grip strength after ray amputation (29 % to 34 % loss of grip strength, 32 % loss of pinch grip)", "Average age was 45 years and average follow-up was 44.2 months after ray resection". That seems like a significant drop, however this study was not done on athletes how can devote 100% of their time to rehab.

42 Re: Right index finger removed

That's a bigger drop than I would have thought. As an edge defender on the right side, he's going to have to snag running backs with that hand, which is hard enough with full grip strength. I wonder if a move to LDE is in his future, since run defense and pass rush moves typically rely on the outside hand.

43 Re: Right index finger removed

Think about the structure of the hand, especially when the metacarpal has been removed as well. You are losing one of the 5 levers, and the 2nd, strongest one, and the anchoring bone behind it. The rest of the parts of the organ just can't function as well together. Sure, he's an elite athlete with all the physcal and training advantages that status confers, but the mechanics of it just suck, no doubt about it. If he is very ambidexterous, that will help a lot, but if the damaged hand was pretty dominant, man, it could mean the end of his career.