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Tony Romo Expected to Miss 6-10 Weeks with Back Injury

Here we go again, Dallas. After getting knocked out of Thursday night's preseason game with a back injury, it was reported on Saturday afternoon that Tony Romo suffered a broken bone in his back that could cause him to miss 6-10 weeks.

Romo, 36, has missed at least one game due to injury in each of the last three seasons. The Cowboys went just 1-13 without him, including 1-11 last season. Romo's age and durability have been huge concerns for Dallas, which used a fourth-round pick on QBASE standout Dak Prescott in this year's draft. Prescott has had an exceptional preseason, but could be thrown into the starting lineup much sooner than anyone expected. While the preseason is hardly a predictor of real success, Dallas provides the best offensive line in the league to go along with several highly-skilled playmakers. Should Prescott seize this opportunity, it is not out of the realm of possibility that we have seen the end of Romo in Dallas.

How fitting would that be? After keeping the Cowboys relevant for a decade by carrying the load on offense, Romo's back may have finally gave out.

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6 Re: BREAKING: Tony Romo Expected to Miss 6-10 Weeks

The Oficee Chair-Sniffer Supreme of The NFL, Peter King, has declared that it is inevitable that Jerrel gets selected, so I'd say it is abut a 99% lock.

When that happens, I will officially declare that I will never utter a word about the place again. I'm about 75% there already, but that'll be the coup-de-grace.

45 Re: BREAKING: Tony Romo Expected to Miss 6-10 Weeks

that can eb done. not sure would call it All-Raiderjoe team. would just make it all-"something" for 2016.

have long thought of own personal hall of fame which woluld probably call hall of Game as my personl one is not concerned with famousness of players. 100% chance I do this if Jerry Jones is in real PFHOF. 90% chance I do this if Jones gets kept out

8 Re: BREAKING: Tony Romo Expected

I don't know Romo's contract, but if the rookie plays in even a promising fashion, they'll stick with him, if they have any brains. Of course, that be a ridiculous qualifier.

The defense is going to be monumentally bad (what Rod Marinelli did to end his career in this fashion is beyond me), so the great offensive line and Ezekiel Elliot is going to be of reduced utility. If Prescott can be effective at all, it'll be quite the accomplishment.

10 Re: BREAKING: Tony Romo Expected

Wow! You got all of that in response to "/"??

It's been interesting to see how many people have jumped on the Dak Prescott bandwagon based on 2 pre-season games. There are probably Cowboys fans that think this is better, not for just the long run, but for this season.

14 Re: BREAKING: Tony Romo Expected

Rod Marineli goes on the list of coordinators I'd trade draft picks to get. I'm not convinced Dallas has more than 2 good players on its defense and pretty sure its saddled with at least 3 really bad one's. That's usually enough to send your defense into the low 20s before we even factor in coaching/.

36 Re: BREAKING: Tony Romo Expected

It wasn't just that Marinelli lost. It's that he was a grating, self-important jackass while he lost.

He was worse than Morningweg or Mariucci. They were at least affable losers. Schwartz was a grating, self-important jackass who won.

Granted, Morningweg famously took the wind in OT. He was a pretty strong example of the Peter Principle, too.

38 Re: BREAKING: Tony Romo Expected

I don't know any of these people, so I try to avoid making judgements about their personal qualities from afar, absent hard data, like criminal records, or broken relationships. He's been an excellent coach when coaching players with talent.

34 Re: BREAKING: Tony Romo Expected

Dick LeBeau's unsuccessful had coaching gig in Cincinnati doesn't somehow negate the fact that as a defensive coordinator he was phenomenal. Same with Marinella, who was a huge part of the success of those all-time great Tampa defenses.

37 Re: BREAKING: Tony Romo Expected

Marinelli isn't Dick LeBeau.

He's not even Rex Ryan.

I'm not sure how much credit you want to give Marinelli for a Tampa defense for which he was a position coach, and which also had Dungy, Smith, Tomlin, Moore, and Kiffin. He's, what, the 5th best coach out of that set? Maybe a better HC than Kiffin?

5 Re: BREAKING: Tony Romo Expected

I think this is it for Romo. Once a qb enters the injury prone realm, he almost never escapes it. This effectively puts Dallas into a very weird situation in the short, medium, and long term.

They seem to be built to win now - their cap situation being what it is. Now; what do they do?

12 Re: Tony Romo Expected to Miss 6-10 Weeks with Back Injury

Realizing that is was after the fact and from a different angle, but it would seem the Avril should have known that "the Quarterback had given himself up and begun his slide motion." Not a super-late hit, but it seemed like it could have been avoided. Will he get fined?

It sure seems like Romo has some brittle bones. If I was a player, I'd find out who does his supplements and make sure they weren't mine...

13 Re: Tony Romo Expected to Miss 6-10 Weeks with Back Injury

Brittle bones or the culmination of a career of taking violent hits. But in fairness, qb age curves really are person to person.

Trying to discern qb longevity is really hard. Its one thing to point to Manning and Brady in their abilities to avoid big hits, but Favre took a huge pounding and has been the longest survivor so far.

I remember back in 2012 - Manning was 37 and having a career year while Mcnabb was in deep fade by 33.

15 Re: Tony Romo Expected to Miss 6-10 Weeks with Back Injury

It wasn't a late hit at all and Avril should not be fined. He made contact with Romo before Romo's legs even touched the ground.

It's not the defender's job to anticipate the slide or to pull back because the QB is starting to move towards sliding. The defender's job is to pull back once the QB has given himself up and is on the ground. The QB's job is to slide before the defenders get close to him, so that they have time to see that he has given himself up and then pull back.

16 Not avrils fault

Avril won't be fined. That was clean. But it was a foregone conclusion that cries of dirty hit would be heard. Avril's being attacked on Twitter. Uncool.

Sad for Romo. Hate the Cowboys, always thought Romo was a great QB.

18 Re: Tony Romo Expected to Miss 6-10 Weeks with Back Injury

If this is the end for Romo, it is kind of sad, as I felt he never really got the respect he deserved. All too often, he seemed to get all the blame when the Cowboys lost, and too little of the credit when they won.

Still, it's hard to feel too sorry for him. The guy not only dated Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood, but he managed to marry a woman who is more attractive than either of them. Oh yeah, and he also raked in almost $120 million in his career.

So, overall, it doesn't seem like it would suck to be Tony Romo.

21 the call that all the time

(1) A defender must pull up when a runner *begins* a feet-first slide.

He has begun his feet first slide in your picture. In fact, he is in the middle of his feet first slide. I feel like they call this in a totally unrealistic, hindsight sort of way - if he started his slide and you hit him (even though you couldn't possibly have known that for sure) they flag you. So yeah a lot of times they would flag this, although this specific situation seems a little unusual in that it came from behind. Haven't seen that too often.

24 Re: the call that all the time

Now read the next paragraph:

(2) A runner who desires to take advantage of this protection is responsible for starting his slide before contact by a defensive player is imminent; if he does not, and waits until the last moment to begin his slide, he puts himself in jeopardy of being contacted.

32 Re: the call that all the time


It's easy enough to tell when the refs credit a QB with a slide having been started -- it's where the ball is spotted. This suggests that believe it begins rather late in the cycle, and mostly when the torso is on the ground.

In baseball terms, it would be pretty close to the bag, not halfway between 1st and 2nd.

22 Re: BREAKING: Tony Romo Expected to Miss 6-10 Weeks

I'd give Avril the benefit of the doubt on this one purely because when a QB starts to slide and defenders see that from front-on, there are certain visual cues e.g. QB looking at ground, both feet get in front of body, start to bend, lean back etc, etc. For Avril who is tackling from behind, the cues aren't obvious, if at all visible.

23 BREAKING: Tony Romo

The headline too long to post with re: bug is still around... I had to shorten it to..


25 Re: Tony Romo Expected to Miss 6-10 Weeks with Back Injury

I really hope he doesn't try to return from this. He had to give up golf--which the average retiree is healthy enough to play--all the way back in 2014. Since then, he's broken two more vertebrae and his collarbone twice. The guy was a great golfer (maybe could have gone pro in golf as well), so he's already seriously damaged his future quality of life if his back is too screwed up for golf. Get out while you can still walk, Tony.