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Mike Tanier's Monday Morning Digest: 3 Teams a Cut Above After Statement Sunday

Long headline! Anyway, the Seahawks, Patriots and Cowboys aren't good. And Kirk Cousins cannot sing.

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1 Re: Mike Tanier's Monday Morning <snip rest of long title>

"The Jets' quarterback situation is a perpetual motion machine powered by failure and regret" is just one of many insightful turns of phrase where you say in a sentence what would take the rest of us a paragraph or an article.

Thank you for such an interesting read - I hope for the sake of your family and friends that you ration this ability appropriately.

3 Re: Tanier

The Jets trot out their third lousy QB of the season. They manage a TD on a trick play, and of course miss the XP. Those end up being their only six points, and they lose by three. Could that be the Most Jets offensive performance ever?

5 Re: Tanier

sw game .not sure Petty lousy. not on Jets coaching staff so dont' know but very conservative approach espeiclaly in 2nd halfg. not sure if becuause qb is limited now or coaching stgaff no confidence he can read defense well yet.

as for Seahswks vs Pates game, good news for people who don't want to see Pates get 1 see.d Chiefs or Raiders could still do it. even Broncos if beat Pates head to head and win all their oreht games. Not concerned as Raiders fan. Feel team can win at Kansas city, Denver or new enalfgn in playoffs. Acvtually think Raiders may lose to Chuiefs again in regular season.