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Tyrann Mathieu Gets 5-Year Contract Extension

The Arizona Cardinals and safety/cornerback Tyrann Mathieu agreed to an extension today. Mathieu's new deal is worth $62.5 million over five years. He gets $40 million guaranteed.

Mathieu has become one of the most popular players in the NFL. His redemption story after getting kicked off of LSU has coincided with his rise to become one of the best defensive backs in the NFL. The Cardinals value Mathieu's on-field play but as the recent documentary All or Nothing showed us, they also put a huge amount of credence into his leadership off the field. Mathieu's new deal makes him the highest-paid safety in the NFL or the eighth-highest paid cornerback in the NFL, depending on how he is listed.

While Mathieu is obviously an important player for the Cardinals defense, this move raises some concerns. The Cardinals will get the prime of his career, he is 24 now, but he is already coming off a second torn ACL. ACLs aren't the death knells they used to be but a second one so early in his career could still have a major impact on his performances/availability moving forward.

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1 Re: Tyrann Mathieu Gets 5-Year Contract Extension

Seems like a reasonable deal. The $40m guaranteed is over 3 years so just over $13m/year. The franchise tag for a CB is just under $13m/year. He is certainly one of the best DB's in the league