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Monday Morning Digest: Cowboys in Crisis Mode, Patriots in Peak Form

In this week's Digest ...

  • The Patriots give Tom Brady a special teams boost.
  • The Saints treat the Bills the way a garbage disposal treats a moldy meatball.
  • The Jaguars try to cough up a big game in the fourth quarter but cannot out-choke the Chargers.
  • The Steelers limbo even lower than usual to play down to another opponent.
  • Another fluky touchback robs the Bears and the NFL of a little bit more fun and fairness.
  • Strip-Sack Savage rides again for the Texans

...and much more.

The reigning NFC champion Falcons also notched their biggest win of the season Sunday. So naturally, Mike Tanier kicks off Digest by obsessing over the team they beat: the Cowboys.


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1 Re: Monday Morning Digest

by Grendel13G // Nov 17, 2017 - 7:54pm

"The 6-3 Titans have now earned the right to be crowned the New Bengals by getting the snot beaten out of them by the Steelers on national television Thursday."


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2 Pixel gun 3d game

by narayanudit // Dec 07, 2017 - 8:18am


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