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21 Nov 2017

Raiders Fire DC Ken Norton

Well, it was nice for the Raiders to do this right after I sent out a bunch of tweets about how bad their defense is. Oakland is 32nd in defensive DVOA right now. If the season ended today, the Raiders would have the second-worst pass defense in DVOA history, one-tenth of a percent behind the 2015 Saints.

The Raiders are allowing a 72.3 percent completion rate. Joe Flacco has only four games this year with 200 passing yards, only three completing 70 percent of passes, and only three with no interceptions. There's only one game where he did all three things. It was against Oakland.

Paxton Lynch of the Denver Broncos will get his first start of the year against Oakland this Sunday. He will look much better than he really is.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 21 Nov 2017

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by Tundrapaddy :: Tue, 11/21/2017 - 7:11pm

Maybe the Raiders can sell the blueprint for how this works to the Bills.
You know - making changes to the defense when the defense is abysmal, rather than shuffling your starting QB.

by The Ninjalectual :: Tue, 11/21/2017 - 7:44pm

Do you really think that would help anything in Buffalo?

by Mike B. In Va :: Wed, 11/22/2017 - 8:28am


Also blocking. These players are capable of both, they did it better last year.

Then again, the Raiders D was better last year, too.

by RickD :: Tue, 11/21/2017 - 7:37pm

The Patriots are leaving a trail of fired coordinators in their wake.

by theslothook :: Tue, 11/21/2017 - 8:01pm

They have a graveyard of head coaches that have populated. Just look over the AFC East.

by Aaron Brooks Go... :: Tue, 11/21/2017 - 11:15pm

They nearly ruined Denver and KC, too

by PatsFan :: Wed, 11/22/2017 - 1:58am

During the Belichick reign of terror, I believe it's something like:
Other three AFCE teams: 22 coaches
NE: 1 coach

by Raiderjoe :: Tue, 11/21/2017 - 11:44pm

tewam will be totally fine.Norton some good coaching in past. was't quite gerting job done 2017 but that is fine. Raiders recognixzed problem/. Problem now fixed.

by eggwasp :: Wed, 11/22/2017 - 3:56am

Problem is far from fixed.
Were unlucky with the DB injuries to #1 and #2 draft picks - and Amerson really regressed after flashes in his 1st season, but the secondary is terrible and Reggie Nelson is absolutely done. GM refuses to draft/sign competent LBs, and whilst Raiders fans/analysts like to rave about Jelly's run-D, Mario Edwards return and the potential of Vanderdoes, the facts speak for themselves.

But in the end, we have the DPOY and the (nearly) worst EVER pass D. I'm not saying KNJ should be able to scheme a great defense out of these guys, but surely you can at least scheme the THIRD worst pass D of all time? He was clearly well out of his depth and should never have made it past January last yr.

Sadly with Downing and JDR in place, I wonder if the problems either side of the ball will be fixed for '18. I certainly have doubts that Pagano should be anything other than a stop-gap. Hoping for a star DC signing in Feb, but concerned that JDR will see that as a threat.

by billprudden :: Wed, 11/22/2017 - 8:52am

Concur. You look at our D and ask yourself "who of these guys do I want starting for us next year" and the list is really thin.

And with us now paying real $ to QB, RG, and soon Mack, our ability to solve problems via FA is much reduced.

by Scott P. :: Wed, 11/22/2017 - 12:34pm

He can always go back to work in the sewers.

by drillz :: Wed, 11/22/2017 - 10:54am

Didn't Jack Del Rio take over defensive play calling last season after week 2? Why weren't these defensive issue addressed already?

by ChrisS :: Wed, 11/22/2017 - 11:40am

Pagano's title before this was Assistant Head Coach/Defense. What exactly does that entail that the DC does not do?

by Bright Blue Shorts :: Mon, 11/27/2017 - 2:20pm

I suspect that it's a job title for status.

Also he was DC in San Diego last year. There's some kind of NFL rules around only being able to interview for jobs that are a higher level than your current one. That may just be during the playoffs or with your team's permission in which case it's irrelevant here. But if the rule is relevant, giving him this title would be higher than a DC.