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AAF Different From Leagues That Have Come Before

I've got to be honest, this AAF thing sounds like the best plan for a spring league yet. They really are trying to hit the sweet spot of real football as a developmental league, working with the NFL rather than challenging it. They've got real coaches involved, including Brad Childress, Mike Martz, and Rick Neuheisel. The teams are in medium-sized southern cities without NFL clubs (well, Salt Lake City isn't exactly southern) plus Phoenix and Atlanta. They've got a TV contract with CBS Sports Network. And it sounds like they're going to use a modified version of the Schiano rule instead of kickoffs, although it isn't clear if the "fourth-and-10 from your own 35" is every kickoff or just if you want the option of keeping control of the ball (as an alternative to onside kicks).

The whole thing starts up on February 9, 2019.

It would be fun to produce DVOA numbers for the AAF, except by the time we hit February I'm going to need an actual vacation of some sort. But I'm sure we'll be covering it in some fashion.

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Re. Kickoffs; I think I read somewhere (Mike Tanier?) that the default after a TD/FG is basically a "touchback"; non-scoring team receives the ball, 1st and 10 at their own 25. At the scoring team's option, they can go for the 4th and 10 on their 35. If this came to the NFL, would NE's offence ever come off the field if they were playing CLE?