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Chiefs Trade Marcus Peters to Rams

A big trade was announced on Friday when the Chiefs sent All-Pro cornerback Marcus Peters to the Los Angeles Rams for undisclosed draft picks. Peters has been a ball magnet in his three-year career, posting 19 interceptions and five fumble recoveries. He was suspended for one game by the Chiefs last year after he threw a referee's flag into the stands against the Jets. The Chiefs also acquired cornerback Kendall Fuller in the Alex Smith trade with Washington, so this seems to have been in the plans for some time now. A move like this should only elevate the Rams' potential in the NFC in 2018.

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1 Re: Chiefs Trade Marcus Peters to Rams

Unless this was for a true kings ransom, I just don't get the motivation. Draft picks, even one's high valued one's rarely produce players of Peters' quality. I can remember the vikes drafting Troy Williamson and the jets drafting Milner as heir replacements for Moss and Revis alike with laughable results. Don't trade away your top talent, especially young top talent.

2 Re: Chiefs Trade Marcus Peters to Rams

I think we can agree that Peters is not in the class of Moss or Revis. He's a good player, although inconsistent, and after this year is probably going to insist on becoming the highest paid corner in the league. The Chiefs clearly had no intention of entertaining that notion so got what they could for him now. It's difficult to properly evaluate without knowledge of the value of the draft picks involved, but the logic seems defensible.

13 Re: Chiefs Trade Marcus Peters to Rams

As a Chiefs fan, I didn't understand the trade either. I believe he's had multiple incidents over his time with the team, so maybe that explains it. However, the economics don't really make sense to me. He's still got another year plus an option year on his rookie contract, and is basically playing for a low salary. There's not guarantee that a new CB will be anywhere near as good as Peters. I could see this as making more sense next year, or even the year after. This seems like a quick trigger.

However, I've liked what the new GM has done since he replaced Dorsey last year. I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt. If they can replace Peters with someone adequate or better, and shore up the front 7 of the defense, they should be in good shape next season. All big "ifs".

6 Re: Chiefs Trade Marcus Peters to Rams

This only works if the Rams are the new Raiders, willing to take on every high-maintenance player other teams couldn't accommodate. I'm not sure it's a great strategy for most teams. But it could work in LA.

12 Re: Chiefs Trade Marcus Peters to Rams

Seattle and New England have both had success with a lot of these kinds of players in recent years. The funny thing is that they use the opposite approaches. Carroll seems to give his guys a long leash and trust that they'll generally act like adults if he treats them like adults. Belichick on the other hand demands strict discipline and ships you to Cleveland if you don't deliver it. Both approaches can work, depending on the personalities involved.

9 Re: Chiefs Trade Marcus Peters to Rams

Could this be a tacit admission from KC that this is a rebuild/transition year? Tamba Hali is 34 now, Derrick Johnson is about old enough to have played under Hank Stram, Eric Berry is not guaranteed to be 100% coming back from an Achilles, and they're breaking in a second-year QB who didn't get much playing time as a rookie. It would make sense for the team to look at all that and say that they should take a year to regroup and get younger. If that's the case, it makes sense to sell high on a talented but problematic player in exchange for some draft picks that would be expected to mature in time for 2019.

11 Re: Chiefs Trade Marcus Peters to Rams

There's a middle ground that KC seems headed for, I think. It's possible for your primary goals to be aimed for next year without completely throwing this year away. KC feels like a 6 or 8 win roster right now, and if the stars align for then in what looks like a weak division, they could still make the playoffs (and probably continue to exit early). They don't look like they're stripping to the bone like the 2017 Jets, just starting to look to the future. There's value in keeping yourself in the mix as a fringe competitor rather than shooting right to the basement, especially when you feel like you have your QB situation sorted out. As we've seen so often with the Browns, it can be hard to get off the treadmill of bad seasons once they start.

19 Re: Chiefs Trade Marcus Peters to Rams

Your analysis makes sense to me. I think any reasonable person would say that the Chiefs are not a Super Bowl contender this year. Given that, the value of a guy who is only cheap for 2 more years, if you don't want to extend him to a long-term, big money deal, isn't that great. By trading him you get more draft picks to retool with.

17 Re: Chiefs Trade Marcus Peters to Rams

If Peters works out for the Rams, they could have a top 5 corner for two years at waaaay below market price. I've seen it reported that the Rams were the only team that bid on Peters. Sooo...perhaps 30 teams thought that he was too much of a head case to be worth the risk even given the price.

OTOH, he is 25. An age when sometimes a light comes on. I'm a Seahawks fan and the Rams are the enemy. But Peters may be a potential huge talent and worth watching if he can get his head on straight.