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Eagles Hosting a Super Bowl Parade for Underdogs Everywhere

Longtime readers will remember that I started at FO right around the Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl in 2005, writing ruminations about Philly Fans and talking about the values of fandom I would impart to my toddler son.

Well, that toddler is taller than me now (and is a major Overwatch League fan, so there's that) and the Eagles are hosting a parade that I am not 100 percent certain I can reach (there are people practically hanging from the sides of the PATCO trains), so this is a good time to come full circle and share one last set of ruminations on the Philly sports experience. This time as more of a tent revival.

Stay safe, Philly. And enjoy the offseason, Football Outsiders gang.

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1 Re: Eagles Hosting a Super Bowl Parade for Underdogs Everywhere


You were my favorite FO writer back then, and *not* just because you were an Eagles fan. Just... mostly because you were an Eagles fan, but you were a damn good writer too. Still are.

Still can't believe we're here. Enjoy the parade! Wish I could be there!

5 Re: Eagles Hosting a Super Bowl Parade for Underdogs Everywhere

Sorry to be a curmudgeon, but, well, you know...

Mike, you're getting carried away. Your (long-suffering) team won a championship. It's great! My brother in law in West Chester, my good buddy from Gloucester, all the other Eagles fans are, and should be, delighted to be celebrating, and I'm delighted for them. But you seem to be trying to turn it into some kind of world-historical cosmic morality play or something...calm down! You can wax lyrical all you want to, but what essentially happened is that one group of athletes defeated another group in a contest that has been played over fifty times before and will be played again next year. Yes, there are admirable stories amongst the athletes on the victorious side...just as there are on the losing side, on the teams that didn't even make the playoffs, and on the team that finished in fourth place in a small college league. Similarly, there are, I'm sure, individuals of less than sterling character wearing the green uniforms just as there are in any sizable group of humans. Does the Eagles victory "give hope" to fans of other semi-downtrodden or genuinely downtrodden teams? Yes, and those fans are free to find hope. But to find more, to find an overarching demonstration of the benevolent nature of the universe or the ultimate power of karma or a guidebook on how to live your life, is just reaching. Go to the parade, rejoice with your fellow fans, but step away from your keyboard and take a deep breath before you try to inflate a Super Bowl championship into a transcendent event.

16 Re: Eagles Hosting a Super Bowl Parade for Underdogs Everywhere

Curmudgeon's point, which I agree with, is that the celebration of the Eagles' championship, like the Cavaliers, or the Astros, is a wonderful thing for the fans of the team and city. But trying to attach deeper significance to any given championship is ultimately a fool's errand. Someone, possibly even the Eagles, is going to win the Lombardi Trophy next year, too.

17 Re: Eagles Hosting a Super Bowl Parade for Underdogs Everywhere

Today's piece, about how the diaspora of Eagles coaches are going to revolutionize the coaching industry, is even worse.

I like Mike -- best NFL scribe in the business IMO, and I'm very happy for him as an Eagles fan for a long-awaited championship to celebrate, but can't it be enough that the Eagles were the best team in the NFL this year? They didn't invent anything, or revolutionize anything. They were just the best team in 2017-2018.

I kept wanting to throw up in my mouth with every paragraph. It reminded me of nothing so much as that Packers fan clown who showed up here for a month after the Packers beat the Steelers, and kept posting that the Packers were revolutionizing the game of football, that this was the dawn of a new era, and that there was positively no way they weren't winning at least the next five Super Bowls.

13 Re: Eagles Hosting a Super Bowl Parade for Underdogs Everywhere

A quick check of some other Super Bowl parades notes no such nonsense reported.

New Orleans

I could keep looking, but I'm not going to waste more time on snide comments made with no research. If you have evidence on other Super Bowl parades to the contrary, please submit it.

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