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Josh Gordon "Steps Away" From Football

Two weeks in advance of the playoffs, after a season that seemed to be going well, especially given how long he had been away, Josh Gordon tweeted this morning that he is once again stepping away from football in order to focus on his mental health. His wasn't among the greatest redemption stories ever, but was still enough to make some of us root for him, and after a season getting in tune with Tom Brady and ahead of a trip to the playoffs, this is a bit of a surprise, even given his history.

NFL.com's Tom Pelissero followed that up with a tweet that Gordon faces yet another substance abuse suspension from the NFL, so it's possible that Gordon was just getting ahead of the news... either way, there's not a lot to say here. This is probably the last we'll see of Gordon, unfortunately. Hopefully he will be able to get on top of his demons and issues.

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1 Re: Josh Gordon "Steps Away" From Football

Guy was leading the team in RecY even though he arrived in Week4, outpacing any not OTA-guy from the BBB era.

There was already a rumour of a missed meeting earlier in the season, followed but another rumour of Pats intensively looking for a WR trade. Yet his snaps and targets increased.

He is incredible what he did in spite of physical and mental toll the substance had on him.

What a waste of talent.

2 Re: Josh Gordon "Steps Away" From Football

The NFL is hardly the best place for a person to deal with persistent problems with substance abuse.

I wish him well.

As for the Pats - they'll need more production from Hogan and Patterson, along with the milk carton picture of Philip Dorsett.

The Saints just poached prospect Simmie Cobbs from the Redskins' practice squad. Maybe there is more talent like that out there somewhere.

3 Re: Josh Gordon "Steps Away" From Football

Hope he gets the help he needs. The NFL suspension policy for substance abuse is draconian, but he clearly needs time to focus on his demons and as RickD said the life of a football player is not a good place to do that.

For the Pats, I would imagine Belichick understood this is always a risk and a plan B is needed.

5 Re: Josh Gordon "Steps Away" From Football

We all wish Josh the best.

That said, somewhat related topic: If BB had just drafted a little better all these years, man, what this dynasty would'a could'a should'a been...