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Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

The 2018 Pro Bowl Rosters were released this evening. The Chargers lead the way with seven nominations and two Melvins, while six rookies - but not either of the two linebackers most frequently mentioned as the Rookie of the Year candiates - also made the cut. Somehow, shockingly, Josh Allen did not.

At quarterback, our numbers four, five, and eight in DYAR were left off the teams in favor of those at numbers six, seven, and nine, and while Matt Ryan has a pretty good reason to be annoyed, it's pretty hard to quibble with Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers as legacy picks. Snubs abound, though, at other positions.

Who made it that shouldn't have? Who (besides every talented OLB in a 4-3 and every talented DE in a 3-4) got snubbed? Why are we still giving fullbacks Pro Bowl slots over pass catchers in the year 2018? And after all the Super Bowl participants and 1/3 of all other nominees drop out, how many more players will get to put "Pro Bowl nominee" on their resume for their next round of contract negotiations? Discuss below.

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1 Re: Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

Anthony Sherman is a Pro Bowler. He has participated on ~89~ offensive snaps this season.

The annual end of year FO votes, for least deserving Pro Bowler? It's just Sherman. Sherman's the only option.

3 Re: Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

I would have blindly bet 100€ on Pats' Develin (he was on Pro Bowl last year so name recognition wasn't a issue, 4 rushing TDs and 11 catches, 34% of the snaps, constant bright spot on a famous team).

4 Re: Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

I don't think Develin's having a particularly good year, but you're right -- he's basically the only fullback in the AFC with any sort of sustained role in the offense. Andy Janovich might have been a better choice, and at least Orson Charles saw the field in Cleveland early in the year. Sherman's had games where he's had only one or two snaps all game long, despite being healthy and ready to go.

7 Re: Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

Looked to compare Develin's rushing stats this season with last season, when he was a Pro Bowler.

He didn't have any rushing stats last year.

This year he has four TDs (plus a first down) in six carries.

Now certainly it's true that his main function is as a blocking back. But it's hard for me to say he hasn't been at least as good this season as he was last year.

5 Re: Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

... it's pretty hard to quibble with Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers as legacy picks.

Every year, the selection process is (rightly) lambasted for "reputation" picks. But when it comes to Brady and Rodgers, such picks are apparently justified, as being "legacy" picks, huh?

Hey, I guess it makes sense. After all, Brady and Rodgers have always flown under the radar, and have been so chronically underappreciated, it's only fair to give them some undeserved glory to make up for all the disrespect they have had to endure over the years, right?

10 Re: Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

Unless Brady had displaced Mahomes or Rivers (and he didn't), he's a reasonable pick on merits.

Rodgers less so this year. Goff is also a bit problematic based on recent performances. I'd have been tempted to select Ryan and Wilson instead of those two. Certainly Ryan ahead of at least one of them.

11 Re: Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

I meant it more in terms of the fact that they're still easily top ten in our metrics. This isn't some middle of the pack guy getting in on name recognition instead of Mahomes. It's Brady at 6 leapfrogging Ben at 5. (Rodgers' DVOA vs Ryan's, on the other hand...)

6 Re: Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

Chris Jones is very deserving and didn't make the squad. He's been a huge difference maker in many of the Chiefs wins this year.

12 Re: Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

One day, linebackers and pass rushers will be cleanly separated into two categories. By that time, mankind will have gone through it's next phase of evolution.

14 Re: Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

I don't have a major problem with any of the "skill position" picks, except maybe AB. (Rodgers is 9th in DYAR, so having him as one of six QBs is not egregious.) Defensive picks are harder to evaluate, but nothing jumps out (and, as a Bears fan, as long as Mack and Hicks made it I wasn't going to scream).

But oh god the O-line picks. Two left tackles whose teams are in the bottom 4 in ASR. Interior linemen for teams that can't power-run. Trent Williams!

17 Re: Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

Jackson has made some fantastic plays this season, but he's also been on the wrong end of some of the most important plays, including most of the long touchdowns in Green Bay and Miami. On balance, I'm still thrilled we have him, but I think he hasn't been even the consistently best player in the secondary.

18 Re: Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

I think I'd rank him 6th after Mack, Hicks, Fuller, Trevathan, and Roquan Smith. Then there is an argument between him and Amukamara. I think Amukamara has played more consistently but is given easier assignments.

15 Re: Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

Reading these comments is all the energy and effort the NFL Pro-Bowl is worth. Now the All-Pro team is worth fighting over.

21 Re: Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

Good grief, the top vote getters are announced with nearly 20% of the season left to be played, and begin voting after some teams have only played 9 games, so even if voters were well informed, which they aren't, it would be a poorly selected group. I wouldn't pay attention at all, if it weren't for the facr that, unbelievably, this nonsense does have an impact on contracts, and cap management. It also affects Hall of Fame votes, but that is an institution I've given up on mostly, so that's another reason to ignore Pro Bowl selections.

23 Re: Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

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