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SITE NEWS: Design Refresh

We’re excited to unveil our new website design with the goal of improving your user experience. And don’t worry - all of your favorite writers, columns and products are back this season. Here is what you can expect from the new design...

What’s New:
• Design & Organization: The overall look and feel of the site has been modernized to include larger fonts, better image resolution and layout refinement to get you to your favorite stats and articles faster. (We know we still have work to do on the tables and it's on our list.)
• Mobile Optimization: Hello 2018, we have finally optimized for mobile and will continue to make improvements over the season (mostly to the table layouts).
• Homepage Article Gallery: The gallery at the top of the home page will feature the six most recent stories.

What’s Different:
• Search: We still have work to do to optimize the search function and have removed it for now, so it doesn’t cause frustration. Search will be back sometime in the near future.
• Historical Products: We’ve reorganized our Store so it’s easier to navigate and moved historical products dating back to 2009 to this page.

We will continue to make minor improvements over the season but we’re taking a break from rolling out any more major changes for now, so that your experience isn’t interrupted.

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback and let us know if you have any questions about where anything is located.


101 comments, Last at 22 Aug 2018, 3:29pm

2 Re: SITE NEWS: Design Refresh

Love it so far!

One issue... I don't see new comments being marked in any way. The way they used to be highlighted was great, making it easy to find new comments when I return to a discussion. Is that going to be maintained?

19 Re: SITE NEWS: Design Refresh

Although I'd imagine I'll adjust to different greens in time, the yellow was nice and quick.

And on the home page, it was always nice when the comments line for an article mentioned that there were new comments. It saves a lot of time going in to see that there's nothing new.

74 Re: SITE NEWS: Design Refresh

You know that if you click My Account then Track you can see what the updates on threads are?

Use to be a "Recent Posts" button which showed them for all - not just the ones you commented on. But that's gone.

Of course none of that helps if other people don't know the thread is still going. But then there's nothing to say they'd Email Subscribe.

6 Re: SITE NEWS: Design Refresh

So now it looks like every other website, instead of the cool, retro look of the old one!

Ha! Just being a curmudgeon, I expect it will work more smoothly and will be easy to get used to. However, I do think space somehow needs to be made for Catholic Match Girl.

8 Re: SITE NEWS: Design Refresh

Will take some getting used to, but overall an improvement.

Like that you stuck with the same commenting look, albeit with the change to olive green for new comments (personally, liked the yellow highlight more).

Wish you guys all the best as this rolls out and the new era of FO is born!

10 Re: SITE NEWS: Design Refresh

Given how active staff can be in some threads (which is one of the joys of the site) it might make sense to have 2 colors for staff posts as well for previously seen and 'new'

Otherwise a big thumbs up!

14 Re: SITE NEWS: Design Refresh

Great job!

Only recommendations:

  • Some margins on the article cards on the main page on mobile. They bleed together as is.
  • Box shadows in a few places to increase depth. Feels a little too flat to me, but that's personal preference
  • Markdown support in comments. Markdown is much more manageable on touch keyboards than tags.

That's all I got for now. Thanks for working on this!

79 Re: SITE NEWS: Design Refresh

Yeah, but "bottom of the page" is the problem. On 90% of visits I don't scroll down that far, because I can just scan the top of the page for anything new. That was convenient! I know I could change my browsing habits if I wanted to, but instead what's going to happen is I just won't end up checking extra points anymore.

I know I'll get used to most of the changes in time, but restoring that top-of-page usability in some form on the mobile site would be nice! (I do 100% of my recreational browsing on my phone.)

18 Re: SITE NEWS: Design Refresh

New site and my copy of FOA land in the same week- strong work.
It looks great, but I'd echo that it would be better if new comments were easier to spot

Phil Simms is a Cretin.

21 Re: SITE NEWS: Design Refresh

Yeah I can like it.
Well done. New comments are green - no problem.
Why you chose 2 shades of green (one for new comments and one for staff) and not green and yellow, I don't know, but I can differentiate.

25 Re: SITE NEWS: Design Refresh

Could we get sortable article tables at some point? On the recent slot vs wide article, for instance, it would be nice to be able to sort by slot percentage or DVOA vs a given alignment.

26 Re: SITE NEWS: Design Refresh

The comments have WAY too much (vertical) white space. On my laptop, I now get a measly TWO one-line comments per screen.

I like the increased font size, but the vertical padding needs to be drastically reduced. Considering how the comments are used, even having the title for every post seems a bit of a waste, but at least reduce spacing above and below "author", above and below "reply", as well as the spacing between individual posts (which is unnecessary when the title block is included -- if titles were removed, the current amount of spacing probably makes sense).

29 Re: SITE NEWS: Design Refresh

I agree. I say reduce the margin and move the author and date to the comment title. The comment titles seem out-sized. That information is for quick reference at best while the comment is the important content.

Something like https://imgur.com/vtOtXaG. Maybe even reverse the comment title and author & date positioning.

51 Re: SITE NEWS: Design Refresh

I agree that there's too much spacing in the comments...the line spacing in paragraphs could definitely be cut down.

Conversely, I would say that the main paragraphs in articles need more line space to improve readability. Not much...maybe 3-4 pixels between lines.

Luckily this will just require a few tweaks to the style sheets.

27 Re: SITE NEWS: Design Refresh

Looks good and it also displays much better on mobile as well. Hopefully the false positives on the comment spam filter have also been resolved.

One comment, is that the boxes around the comments take up a lot of space. It would be nice if there was a 'compact' viewing option but otherwise I think it's much improved over the old version.