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100 Photos That Tell the Story of Football

No numerical analysis or breaking news here -- just a display of some of the best photographs in Sports Illustrated's history, chronicling some tremendous shots taken over the last 100 years. 

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12 comments, Last at 02 Sep 2019, 3:16am

1 Some captions need editing...

e.g., the picture of Merlin Olsen, in Rams uniform closing in on Bart Starr says ""Merlin Olsen pressures Bart Starr in a Packers-Vikings game".

I mean I know he was a relentless pursuer but....

10 Yeah... it's possible this…

Yeah... it's possible this was more of a "best 100 photos, from the opinion of a photographer" list than a "100 people/pictures of people that best define 100 years of football."

It's pretty cool either way, but appropriateness of the story it tells depends on how you define the title.

11 I noticed the titles, too

That's kinda what I meant. More a "history of NFL photos" than a "photos of NFL history", if you know what I mean.

Taken in that light, it's a good selection. No doubt there are other great photos (a certain kick in a blizzard comes to mind) but you just have to select something.

7 I have a hard time believing…

I have a hard time believing that when choosing only 100 people to tell the "Story of Football" Odell Beckham shows up on your list of people you need to include.

12 The Obvious Takeaway

More games need to be played in low light. Loved seeing that white ball out there.
The photo of Gronk surrounded by flailing Denver DBs drove home how remarkable it was for some his size to have that skill set. The DBs look like midget wrestlers.