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2019 NFL Schedule Released

2019 NFL Schedule Released
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Ladies and gentlemen, bits and pieces have leaked all day long but now the full NFL schedule for 2019 has been released. Here's a thread to discuss whether you think your favorite team got screwed with a schedule that's frontloaded or backloaded or just loaded with teams coming off their bye weeks.

A look at some of the more important dates:

  • Usually, the Super Bowl champion opens up the season on that first Thursday night, but not this year. To celebrate the NFL's 100th season, the season will open with the league's longest-running rivalry, the Green Bay Packers at the Chicago Bears. The Patriots will instead open their season and raise their sixth banner on Sunday night against the only other franchise with six Super Bowl championships, the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • The Monday night opening doubleheader has Houston in New Orleans followed by Denver in Oakland.
  • We've got four different games in London this year. Two games at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium: Chicago "at" Oakland in the Khalil Mack revenge game, 1 p.m. Eastern in Week 5, and then Carolina "at" Tampa Bay, 9:30 a.m. Eastern in Week 6. Then there will be two games at Wembley Stadium: Cincinnati "at" the Los Angeles Rams is 1 p.m. Eastern Week 8, and Houston "at" Jacksonville is 9:30 a.m. Eastern in Week 9.
  • The NFL will also try once again to play a game at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. It's Kansas City again, but this time against the Los Angeles Chargers, Monday night of Week 11.
  • Buffalo is the only team with no prime time games, but they do get a Thanksgiving spot. The Thanksgiving triple-header in Week 13 will see Bears at Lions, Bills at Cowboys, and Saints at Falcons. The last one is a rematch of last year's Thanksgiving night game, with just the home and away teams switched.
  • NFL Network will run a Saturday tripleheader on the next-to-last weekend of the season, December 21.
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20 comments, Last at 21 Apr 2019, 12:03pm

3 Re: 2019 NFL Schedule Released

Packers get the NFC East and AFC West. Ouch. They are only twice on NBC and one of those is the Thursday night opener against the Bears. I haven't checked, but this is probably their fewest SNF games (one) in several years. The other NBC game should be good, the Sunday before Halloween at the Chiefs. They also get two MNF games, against Lions and at Vikings.

Their schedule is fairly imbalanced. I hate it. After opening on the road, five of the next six games are at Lambeau. They have a nasty stretch mid-season, @KC and LAC, a home and bye weekends, then @SF and @NYG. The last month is alternating double home and double road games. The home December games are against other cold-weather teams (Chi and Wash). If they start slow, they're doomed with all the tough road trips. If they start fast, it might only be because they've hardly played on the road.

5 Re: 2019 NFL Schedule Released

Was thinking the exact same thing re: home and away games. I believe last season was similar. Only positive was a well-placed mid-season bye week.. I hate those Week 4 byes.

The NFC East, despite having two of the final four NFC teams, isn't terribly daunting to me.

AFC West, while very top heavy last year, could see some variance if Rivers hits an age wall or the KC offense comes back to earth. At the same time, I expect the KC defense will improve because well it can't be much worse than it was. Still, I'm chalking up that trip to KC as a loss.

My early thoughts, and probably a best case scenario:
Division: 4-2 or 3-3
AFC West: 3-1 or 2-2
NFC East: 3-1
Panthers/49ers: 1-1

9-11 wins and a wild card or possibly division if Bears D regresses and Minnesota continues to underachieve.

4 Re: 2019 NFL Schedule Released

Can't complain about the schedule for the Ravens. Alternating home and away games. Week 8 bye. Two tough night games split away and home (@Rams and vs Pat's), with the latter coming after the bye. A third night game that's a Thursday vs Jets, creating a mini-bye before 2 division games to end the season.

All things considered... I'm not unhappy.

11 Re: 2019 NFL Schedule Released

Has this ever happened before? A fan of an NFL team looking at the upcoming year's schedule and saying that it looks fair and reasonable and ending "I'm not unhappy"? I'm not sure I've ever heard of such a thing before!

6 Re: 2019 NFL Schedule Released

Miami plays 4 of their first 5 at home against teams that should beat them by double digits. They then spend a lot of Nov and Dec on the road in cold places. If ever there was a schedule to get Miami the number one pick it's this schedule. Knowing Miami they'll blow it though and go 7-9 :)

10 Re: 2019 NFL Schedule Released

Playing a September day game in Florida is not easy for visiting teams. Playing in Buffalo or New England is also tough for the Florida/warm weather teams in December. Not expecting much from the Dolphins this year, but a number of those early games will end up being wins simply because of the heat.

7 Re: 2019 NFL Schedule Released

Raiders go leik a month and half without playing ture home agmes. No priob. Will still succeedd. 110-5 not out of question. Shoudl sweep Denver, go 2-2 agains the other two afc wets teams. so 4-2 division record. 7-3 in other games very reasonable prediction.

12 Re: 2019 NFL Schedule Released

Interesting article talk about creating a more fair schedule with math and analytics:


13 Re: 2019 NFL Schedule Released

Seahawks have this five week stretch late in the year:

Week 10: Monday night at SF
Week 11: Bye
Week 12: Sunday night at PHI
Week 13: Monday night vs. MIN
Week 14: Sunday night at LAR

They'll go six weeks in between the standard Sunday morning/afternoon games. Weird.

(The other Seahawks-Rams game is also set for prime time, Thursday night in Week 5.)

16 Re: 2019 NFL Schedule Released

That stretch seems pretty favorable, in terms of consistent prep time between games.

After a Monday or Sunday night game, there's nothing better than a bye. If you can't have a bye, then the next best things are Monday and Sunday night games.

The only thing not to like is that the week 12 game isn't an early one. But for a western team, games on the east coast are better later in the day, anyway. So that's okay, too.

So, a bit weird? Maybe. But in a good way.

18 Re: 2019 NFL Schedule Released

Conspiracy theorists in New England are already sharpening the pitchforks: 'How can they do that to Tawm! The champ always gets the first Thursday mini-bye! Goodell is scayed to come into ah house!'
They do get four teams coming off byes which is a drag, but other than that, no long-distance or extended road trips and a Week 9 bye of their own. I'm leaving my pitchfork in the barn.

19 Re: 2019 NFL Schedule Released

I admire the poster who didn't whine about their team's schedule. I do not have that level of self-control. The Bears don't have a normal Sunday noon game until week 8, and they (along with the Cowboys) have consecutive Thursday games. All in all, they have something like 5 normal starts all year (unless they tank and get flexed out of late starts late in the season).

20 Re: 2019 NFL Schedule Released

The Browns have a very likeable schedule especially at the end of the season.
I can see about 10 to 12 wins on there which sounds like an alternative universe.