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49ers Acquire Emmanuel Sanders

Wait, wasn't the trade deadline supposed to be next week? The NFL sure is getting started early. The San Francisco 49ers have acquired wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders from the Broncos along with a fifth-round pick for third- and fourth-round picks. I'm surprised the price for Sanders wasn't higher after the Patriots traded a second for Mohamed Sanu, but I know Sanders' has a higher contract that is tougher for some teams to fit under the cap. He's more of an all-purpose receiver who can play outside as well as in the slot.

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1 Plus Sanders is a couple…

Plus Sanders is a couple years older, and doesn't Sanu have an extra year on his contract? Sanders could be a six-month rental, though I suppose they'll get a comp pick if he leaves.

49ers 2020 draft is looking grim. No 2nd rounder, no third, no fourth.

Next up for trade...A. J. Green?  Devante Parker?

3 Having him in-house does…

Having him in-house does give the niners an effective option to buy, and I'm assuming they have that planned. My wild guess at a contract is 40m/3yrs of which 8m is bonus, and another 4-6m is per-game bonus.

4 Apparently the guy's…

Apparently the guy's nickname is "He Man."  I'd put that one right up there with "Mr. Big Chest," myself.  He does sound pretty happy about the trade.  Why wouldn't he be? 

His offensive coordinator in Denver was Rich Scangarello, who was San Francisco's QB coach last year, so between that and Elway-Lynch-Adam Peters, there are a lot of personal connections between the two franchises in addition to whatever offensive similarities Scangarello would have ported to Denver. 

Rumor was the Broncos wanted him to play the Clots on Sunday, but the 49ers really wanted him for Carolina, so it sounds like they're ready to toss him in right away and let him swim.  I'm hopeful it'll work, considering he single-handedly has half as many yards as the entire rest of the 49ers WR corps.

6 It makes them just that…

It makes them just that little bit harder for my Rams. Pretty solid move by Lynch I think. If Sanders leaves next year, they'll get a comp for him. If that comp is a third rounder, then this was a great deal. Essentially trading down their natural third + fourth for a later compensatory third and early fifth, for the right to rent Sanders for a year. Sanders is a good player, who should become their best WR immediately.

7 Sanders will have accrued 10…

Sanders will have accrued 10 seasons when he becomes a free agent, which, according to overthecap's comp pick page, means SF won't get anything better than a 5th round comp pick if he signs elsewhere. Even then, a low 3rd and 4th for a high 5th and half a season of Sanders seems like a good decision given that they have a legitimate chance at a super bowl run. They've basically punted on the middle rounds of the 2020 draft, but they look like they'll still have about $30mm in cap space and a full roster for next year, so it seems that they'll be ok without those picks.