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AAF to Suspend Football Operations

Well, so much for that. Tom Dundon invested $250 million in funding into the league, but has apparently decided that the league doesn't have the $20 million it needs to get to the end of its first season. So yet another one of these spring leagues either a) doesn't have the patience to build over a period of multiple years and/or b) completely misread the research it did on financial viability. You're up next, XFL.

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2 Re: AAF to Suspend Football Operations

I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you. Who could've possibly guessed that a league that was probably burning through about 5 times the amount of cash it pulled in from gates would fold. It's hard to imagine how Charlie Ebersol's "this isn't a sports league, it's a gambling tech startup" plan failed.

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Yeah, obviously. I'm sure the only reason that he kept the league going was to demonstrate to people the robustness of the setup, plus I also wouldn't be surprised if there was a clause in the contract for how long things had to keep going. However it's extremely unlikely that Ebersol and Polian included sole ownership of the intellectual property of the league in the deal. Controlling interest in the league means you can dictate how the company is run, including when it shuts down, but it doesn't mean you suddenly own everything.

But I've also seen people say that he only ended up losing $70M, which given that there are far fewer weeks left in the season than since he invested implies that the burn rate of the league was accelerating if the "need $20M more" claim is also correct (funding 24 games with $70M = $3M cost/game, whereas if he needed $200M for the remaining 11 games = $18M cost/game). That wouldn't be terribly surprising if, for instance, sponsors who were initially in declined to continue.

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Gambling tech, grift, robustness of the setup?

1. Start a business
2. Demonstrate viability of related product/service.
3. Close business, sell related product/service.

I am afraid I do not quite understand.
Where would the grift come in?

Can someone point me to an article from a reliable source, please?

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The app was already developed by the time Dundon invested into the league. Albert Breer of MMQB posted on Twitter that Dundon got exactly what he wanted then pulled his support for the AAF. Dundon didn't start the AAF. He was an investor who came in pretending to be interested in giving the AAF a financial boost.

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How can you spend so much time and energy in a league only to have it shut down mid-operation by an outside investor.
Polian and Ebersol will be looking back and scratch their heads.
Hope Vince will be smarter.